January 19, 2011

For the last few days I’ve been gathering some information having to do with the life-changing, on going economic changes in process—not only overseas for Americans, but also in the good ol’ U.S. of A.. Because of the difficulty many might have in absorbing the things I’m going to say in the next few minutes of your reading time, I’m going to share a Scriptural promise that applies to God’s remnant of followers. Take this to heart because God doesn’t miss a thing, and He never fails.

“The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. And they that know your name will put their trust in you: for you, LORD, have not forsaken them that seek You.” (Psalms 9:9-10)

In the previous post, I went to some length exposing much of the corruption in the world’s economic system, which in time found its way into the economic system of the United States. I owe much to those that have come before me which have done a great deal of research and have stuck their neck out saying things long before I ever thought to do so. These are people like Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, Terry James, Grant Jeffrey, Gary Kahn, Jim Fletcher, and so very many more. I am greatly indebted to them on this subject, as well as many others on all of the other subjects that have been, and will be touched on in either my e-mail letters or website posts.

I know that some of you are going to find much of what I am going to say hard to swallow today, but I can only ask you to carefully consider the matter, and do it prayerfully. If I’m wrong, you have nothing to lose with the suggestions I’m going to make. If however, I happen to be right, you might just be glad you heard me out. Many people claim to hear from God, and I find that many miss the boat—badly. This puts me in a difficult position, but no different than anyone else throughout history that has dedicated themselves to follow through on God’s directives. Mine has to do with warning folks what is just ahead, and what adjustments need to be made in our walk—both in the physical realm, and more importantly in the spiritual one, so that we can deal with the challenges ahead. . I take it serious; serious enough that I try and ignore the criticisms that come with the territory. I am only guilty in God’s sight if I fail to open my mouth and speak what I see coming. I am not guilty if I can’t convince people to believe what I’m saying. But again, don’t discount this too quickly because it doesn’t happen to fit your theology, tickle your fancy, or fit into your acceptable parameters of positive thinking! So…here goes:

I have seen and heard report after report of huge international actions just around the corner and have been compiling them for a while now. They not only have to do with a failing economy, but the smoke screen that has been put over the general population to keep them calm, by assuring them that all will be well, and recovery, although slow, is gradually taking hold. I pay attention to what is happening around the globe economically as well as in our country here in the United States, and see a whole different picture emerging.

I plan to write a post later this week having to do with some of the natural events on the planet that are contributing to what is happening, but for today I’d like to tell you what is ahead, and a little of what the true “state of the union” is. The lies are abundant, and the truth is not always that easy to extract. But here goes:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has claimed that the quantitative easting programs are no threat to the dollar and that our country will not engage in currency devaluation. Yet, while he says this, commodity and energy prices skyrocket to record levels and numerous nations threaten to dump the Greenback as the world reserve currency. China claims that their inflation is manageable, releasing data that is even more arbitrary and skewed than ours is. At the same time, the Chinese masses grow louder in their anger over a lack of purchasing power to match exploding housing and food prices. The U.S. blames the lack of global recovery on China’s undervalued Yuan and its unfair trade imbalance. China blames the lack of global recovery on the overprinting of the dollar. Europe sits across the pond hoping both China and the U.S. will keep printing and sending currency care packages to keep the EU afloat, all while claiming every three months or so that the “crisis has passed”.

So, what’s the truth in all of this? Good question! There is so much disinformation being put out to the masses, most have no idea what is really happening. You might think that all this high finance mumbo-jumbo doesn’t concern you, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. I will however abbreviate this greatly and then present the coming scenario. Please don’t miss it, because it is life-changing, and that is an understatement.

Dollar devaluation is Occurring, Inflation Is Here

Inflation has been steadily developing for at least one and a half years. Food, energy, and metals prices across the board are soaring, and commodities actually outperformed stocks, bonds, and the dollar in 2010.

Grain prices surged in 2010. Corn gained nearly 60%, while soy and wheat gained around 40%. Cooking oil prices jumped 62%. Anyone who denies today that inflation is evident in our economy is either blind, dishonest, or mentally deranged. Either way, they can’t be trusted. So, what is the reason?

Is Current Inflation Really Caused By ‘Global Recovery”, And ‘Rising Demand”?

The only real “demand” is for gold and silver, and that is because it is one of the only things that is a true hedge against inflation. The demand for everything else is falling off a cliff, and shipping receipts seem to prove this.

I will add this though: Because of the disastrous world weather disasters, there will be growing desperate demand for items to feed the masses, but not enough money to pay for it. That is because of the rising inflation. The numbers that accompany the disastrous losses and the demands for food to feed the masses have not really been accurately compiled yet, I don’t believe—or at least, I have not seen anything accurate yet.

Is Oil Inflation Really Caused By Rising Demand?

No! Oil output has been more than ample in light of the fact that oil consumption in almost every nation has fallen substantially in the past three years. The shutdown of the Alaskan pipeline just recently hasn’t affected us either. According to the Energy Information Administration, the U.S. exports over 2 million barrels 2009 figures of petroleum and petroleum byproducts a day, most of it from the Alaskan fields! Apparently, we are not in short supply.

Oil is pegged to and traded in the world reserve currency; the dollar. Any devaluation in the dollar will have immediate effects on the value of oil. OPEC nations can and have been absorbing the inflationary costs, but they can only succeed in this for a short time. Eventually they raise the price again—which they are now in process of doing. The price is going to rise very fast this year, not because of demand, but because of the crumbling “Greenback.”

China Is Preparing To Dump The Dollar

I won’t go into all the complicated economic gymnastics involved in explaining what is involved in the nations of the world trading with one another with all their separate currencies, and how one currency (as the dollar presently) is the “reserve” currency of the world, beyond the little I already have in past posts.

I will however say that China’s financial decisions over the last few years have been made in such a way that there is no doubt that they had foreknowledge of what was imminent with the economy of the United States. Every major economic decision China made showed this, and it is easy to see now. At the time of this writing, Hu Jintao of China is in Washington D.C. boldly saying that the day of the dollar’s dominance on the world’s market is over. Not much brashness there…

Suffice it to say that so far, the Chinese have de-pegged from the dollar, Yuan bonds are now being issued by the World Bank, and China has dropped the dollar in bilateral trades with Russia. We are only a step or two away from a global shunning of the dollar and a treasury dump by our biggest creditor. I have discussed this in previous posts and it presents an ominous scenario.

I will come back to this in a few minutes, but would like to spend a bit of time going back to the world food problems. Here are some things to think about. The world is moving towards a total food crisis. Crops are declining. It is happening for a number of reasons, but one of them obviously has to do with the bizarre weather patterns that the world has been experiencing. I will do a post presenting details on this in the next few days.

Corn stockpiles are among the lowest levels ever recorded. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released a report that shows just 745 million bushels of corn will be stockpiled by August of this year. That’s down from about 1 billion bushels in August 2010.

Many things contribute to the increased need for food, but increased population is obviously one. The ability to produce has definitely increased in the last few years, but it can only increase so much. One of the greatest problems is now the availability of water. Some of the earth’s most populous nations are facing an irrigation crisis. India has essentially tapped dry the water table in its main agricultural regions since embracing industrial agriculture in the 1970’s. In China, 130 million people owe their sustenance to grain produced by over pumping groundwater.

I recently learned that the survival food business is experiencing a huge boom. In fact, the largest producer in the United States is sold out at the time of this writing. One of its biggest customers, if not THE biggest, is the U.S. government. We actually have people that are quite concerned about what is coming, and then there are the ones that are more concerned about getting the newest version of phone as soon as it comes out. Which are you?

I found out and it seems a peculiar fact to me that the FBI, Homeland Security, FEMA, as well as some other government organizations are selling all of their possessions off and getting their families moved as close to them as soon and as close to them as possible, and preparing for the absolute worst possible scenario (their words, not mine!) Interesting don’t you think?

Do you know that there is today only a 53 day supply of food available in our nation? You might say that you believe God for all of your needs, and so it really doesn’t matter to you, and I believe with you on that but…when was the last time that you had nothing on your table and you believed God enough to supply “manna” where there was nothing before you prayed? Just something to think about. Time to start using your faith TODAY, not after the disaster has blown our door down!

The closer we get to the time of the end, the more volatile everything is going to become— including everything from war to the weather. Agriculture depends pretty heavily on fairly normal weather for a decent crop harvest. As things change, we need to depend on the God of our supply more and more. The other thing that is necessary is that we do what we can to be prepared in what practical ways we can as well. Common sense and planning ahead when possible is not showing a lack of faith in God, it is using the head on our shoulders that God gave us to use for more than a hat holder.

I am going to write a post next week showing how unusual the year 2010 turned out to be. 2011 however is going to leave people having heart attacks out of fear. I’m not saying that to raise a stir, I’m saying it because it is a fact. It is the job of those that God shows things ahead of time to warn people so that they can prepare. The thing that will be notable about 2011 will be that it will be a tipping point in many ways. God’s hand of protection and provision has been lifting for a couple years or so now and we can expect things to hit America pretty hard in numerous areas—even harder than they have in the last couple years already. We have just seen and heard the preamble. Please hear what I’m saying folks, because it is true! God’s messengers have been rejected for some time now. Those that have been crying out for God’s people to bend their knees in submission and come back to a life of true Godliness, which is becoming so rare in our world today, have been scorned, but in scorning them, they have also scorned the One that has called them! It doesn’t matter how insignificant, flawed, or strange God’s messengers may seem. God enjoys confounding the “wise” by means of the “foolish”.

It is time for the true family of God to come fully awake and realize what time it is. The clock is just short of 12:00 midnight, and the Bridegroom is due at any time now. He has warned us. Are you ready, or are you asleep? Or, God forbid, do you think this is all a fairy tale? What a tragedy if you do, because the world is entering into a whole different dispensation of time that you can’t even imagine. Don’t take a chance on missing the offer God has made for you to escape the time when He must pour out His Divine wrath on the rebellion of this violent planet, which would rather serve self than actually live in the provision of love, harmony, and freedom from the curse, and destruction of sin that God provided through the brutal death of Jesus on the cross! You must be ready—before He calls, not after. That’s why He has been warning and warning, and warning.

I am expecting some heavy things to develop by the middle of this coming year. The warnings have been increasing over the months. As much as people don’t want to believe the fact, there is a group of elitists that pretty much rule the majority of the world’s nations at this point. The kings, presidents, prime-ministers, or dictators for the most part are not the ones that call the shots. The shadow government behind them does. This has always been considered a ridiculous conspiracy, but is now very much in the open and not seriously debated anymore. The bulk of the wealth of the world is held in the hands of a very small group of men, and they control most everything. Their principles are not the ones that normal people live by. Their agenda is one that would not just offend you a little, because it just benefits them. All of the tax systems have been designed to bring them trillions of dollars to complete their very expensive projects. They’ve been at this for decades! Some time take the time to google these projects. They include gigantic underground cities, called “arks” all over the world—hundreds, if not thousands of them. If you like, I’ll give you some links. You will be absolutely amazed, and many of you furious at the arrogance and prideful disregard of other living beings it must take to think one’s self worth so much more than everyone else. These projects include huge seed vaults, storage facilities, libraries, scientific labs, and everything you can imagine to rebuild a civilization after it has been destroyed. What do you think they are expecting?

These underground “cities” have been built all over the world for the elitists of the world to survive the horror that is about to encompass everyone else. Do you know that many of them are already in the process of moving in to their quarters? What do you think that that could mean? These people have an agenda that includes massive world wars, which will wipe out the bulk of the world population, so that they, the cream of the crop can repopulate it—and enjoy the age of aquarius that they think is waiting for them on the other side of the cataclysmic destruction. They also know that there is an unprecedented upheaval on its way, involving extreme phenomenon of many kinds, geophysical events, unnatural weather disasters, cosmic collisions, etc., and much, much more. They also know that there will be nuclear exchanges, chemical warfare, and biological warfare which will kill off the majority of the world’s population. They are prepared to wait out the required time until it is safe to come out of their holes in the ground. This is where their feverish scientific research in labs reaching into previously taboo areas is important to take a look at real soon as it is producing answers to extend life for them, even if it is in a different form than we have seen before, by gene splicing with species crossing, and by joining flesh and machine. Is it becoming a brave new world, or a sick new world??

From information leaking out from the top echelons, there have been meetings held in different locations around the world, including Moscow about every two weeks working out a new world currency. This has apparently been going on for the last 18 months, and has been attended by a very high ranking member of the Obama administration. There was a major meeting in August 2010, with the G20, Sarkozy of France being the President at this time which produced a final determination for the dollar. The plan is to devalue it quickly. It is already in the process if you notice. That is why prices seem to be going up so much and so quickly. Now here is the real kicker: By March to July, the dollar is planned to be devalued by 50%-70%, and the new world currency announced. The dollar will also no longer be the “reserve currency”. That will kill the dollar between its devaluation, loss of its reserve status, and then the establishment of the world currency.

Now, whether this is the exact timeline or not, remains to be seen, but from what has been said by those that have had contact with those at the top for many years, this is the case. They are apparently right on schedule. This has been on their schedule for a very long time! Several things have been predicted by inside contacts and they have been flawlessly right for years, so will probably be so again. For instance, it was said when oil was running at $150 or so last time, that it would be brought down to about $50 or just below. Sure enough, that is exactly what happened. It was dropped to around $48 or so. Just a few months ago, the order was given to run the oil prices up again and they began to climb. The order has been given to run the price up to at least $150 a barrel, and possibly as high as $200. This means that we had better plan on $5 gas by the end of the year, if not earlier.

There is one warning that is slipping out from several sources and should be taken seriously. In fact, this is one that some Christians have had dreams and visions about. I’m quite aware that not all visions and dreams are from God, but we’re at a time when many things are coming together at a very fast pace, and we need to be paying special attention not to miss what is the real deal.

Many reports, dreams and visions are coming out telling of a very serious food shortage becoming a reality late this spring, 2011. From the details being told, it is not so much of the lack of food here in America, as it is the fact that the dollar has lost so much of its buying power that the food on the shelves is not affordable, and cannot be purchased. If there is truth to the fact that gas begins to cost $4-$5 dollars a gallon, and the dollar loses 50%-70% of its value, one can see how this could very well happen, even to those of us that might have an average income. All you have to do is do some mathematics. This will include your house payment or rent, power bill, telephone, sewer, and everything else! This will destroy the middle class entirely!

So! What to do! The best thing to do is get 6 months of extra food stored up ahead of time, even if it is in the form of army rations. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to store. They are much cheaper today than they will be in 30, 60, or 90 days. If there is anything to this, then it is worth sacrificing some other things that we could really do without. If it turns out that it does not develop into this now, the food is still edible, although I would keep it stored, because that time is coming is coming very soon, even if not within the few months that is being predicted—even if it does not happen this spring.

I do have a feeling that things are escalating very quickly though and it is better to be prepared than to be caught without. We are walking into very difficult times, folks. There are way too many honorable, God-fearing people who are verifying facts that we dare not ignore as wild-haired extremism. Not today. Please….

Remember folks, we serve a very big GOD, but we don’t dare expect Him to bend to our low standards. We are expected to bow our knee and submit to His high standards and principles of life, as He designed them. He was, is, and will always be the CREATOR, and He loves YOU with a passion that you can’t even imagine, my friend!

Keep Looking Up!

I love you all and want to spend an eternity having a HUGE REUNION, and then exploring the endless expanse of God’s creation! After thanking Him profusely for allowing me entrance to HIS HEAVEN, which He has given me as part of my inheritance! Think about that!! It kind of makes the troubles of this world pretty small for the moment!?!?


P.S. If you think it worthwhile, do pass on the website to others.  I would appreciate it.

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