I am long overdue to draw some attention to the current news that is exploding every day, in fact several times a day now, but feel strongly compelled to cover one more subject that I’ve touched on but not gone into any detail significant detail about, before I do so.  It has to do with our beloved America, at least for those that happen to reside here.  We have long known it as the home of the free and the brave. Arlington, which I have visited, is just one sobering reminder of this.  The United States of America has also been the dream of millions of our world’s inhabitants to immigrate to, hoping to have a chance at the American dream.  My family was one of these, and when I was only three years old went through Ellis Island before landing in New York.  My parents went through the entire process with gratefulness in their hearts to be so blessed.  We happened to be part of the quota in 1952, whereas the rest of my father’s family did not make it.  Most of them ended up going to Canada instead.  My wife and I have gone to visit Ellis Island since, passing by the Statue of Liberty, and viewing the city of New York, now missing the twin towers.  We drove down to Ground Zero and spent some time there looking at what happened and seeing the thousands of names displayed for everyone passing by.

The reason I mention all this personal information is because being an immigrant myself, and knowing the lives my folks survived for most of their lives before 1952 under Joseph Stalin, one of the very worst tyrants this world has ever seen, I learned early on what a blessing it was for me to be in this wonderful free and then, predominantly Christian nation.  America was not perfect, but it was the best place in the world to live.  Our official citizenship was presented to us when I was in the fourth grade, about six years after going through Ellis Island.

If you have read very much of the content on this blog-site, you have found much material that is emphasizing the importance of us realizing that we really are living in unprecedented times.  We are in fact THE terminal generation.  This is very easy to prove by Biblical prophecy, which in case you, the reader, are not aware, has NEVER missed.  I am continually amazed at how relatively few churches inform their parishioners of how the events of our day were outlined in great and incredibly accurate detail thousands of years ago.   There are many so called prophets in the world, but the best of them have a hit and miss record, at best.  There are even a whole horde of “prophets” claiming to be Christ followers, who often cause a mockery of Christianity due to their prophetic failures because they really aren’t what they with great pride purport to be.

The Bible, again, has never missed, nor will it ever.  This is because it was authored by God Himself.  You might say that it was only penned by men, but this one Book is the only one in existence on this earth that had the complete Sovereign oversight, so that every crucial detail was correct.  Any so-called errors or contradictions have come from misinterpretations and people quite often trying to modernize it to our cultural standards.  The accuracy of the Scriptures however is for another post.

Now back to America.  People have been trying to locate America in Biblical prophecy ever since I can remember, and way before.  How is it possible that the greatest nation the world has ever seen is seemingly absent, since so-called lesser nations are pretty obvious.  The US became the wealthiest, most influential, and powerful nation ever.  Yet, where is it when it comes to this terminal generation when all four major power blocks are not that hard to locate in the Bible.

America has fulfilled special purposes in fulfillment of God’s overall plan in preparation for the fulfillment of God’s overall plan.  This wonderful nation was birthed with a covenant made between the Puritans and God.  Because of this God has poured out enormous blessings on America for over 200 years.  This great nation has evangelized the world.  Missionaries have circled the globe, sacrificing their personal lives by putting others before themselves.  They have built and maintained orphanages, provided medical services in the most gruesome circumstances at times, built schools, translated the Bible into untold tribal and national languages.  They have given their lives for this by the multiplied tens of thousands.

America also was heavily involved in the birthing process of the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland of Israel.  Even though Israel today only has somewhere around 5,000 sq. miles of land that it can claim total sovereignty over when you take out the disputed West Bank and the Gaza Strip, they are never going to lose their land totally again.  By the way, God has promised them a land including about 300,000 square miles in size.  That is about three times the size of the State of Oregon, US, which is one of the largest states in the Unites States of America.

The US not only helped birth this nation again, but has been its powerful protector through its infancy.  God’s ways are amazing.  It was God’s doing that Harry Truman became president of the United States when he did.  F.D. Roosevelt died in 1945 and Truman took the reins of leadership.  It happens that Truman admittedly had read through the Bible several times in his early life.  He also had a business partner in a haberdashery which they co-owned.  His friend was a Jewish man.   Long before Truman became president his business partner had him convinced of God’s prophetic destiny.  As a result, Truman was a very strong supporter for the Israelis to be officially recognized as a sovereign nation on May 14, 1948, in spite of an abundance of criticism from everywhere.

Israel immediately were faced with an onslaught from their surrounding neighbors, but survived.  They have had several wars since and because of God’s promise to the Jewish people, have continued, not only to survive, but to thrive—fulfilling an abundance of Scriptures.  Even though often making crucial mistakes, the US has always stood by Israel in spite of world criticism.  Now regretfully, the US is backing off from its support and in a very short time Israel will find itself with not one friend or true ally in the entire world.  God is not unaware of this trend, in fact said this would happen in Scriptures.  As for America’s part, she has already suffered enormous catastrophes for its mishandling of the nation of Israel.  God said to Abraham that all who bless Israel would be blessed, and all who curse Israel would be cursed.  This has always proven to be true, and will continue to.  One of the interesting things in our day is how very quickly this happens.

Now, this very America, really is in the Bible—in spades it seems, and is mentioned throughout much of the Old Testament.  Let’s see if you will agree as I lay this out for you to look at.  You don’t have to agree with me; in fact, don’t take my word for it!  Do your own due diligence and check this out for yourself.  I think you’ll see why I am so convinced.

It is important to keep in mind one of the basic foundational principles that needs to be used when reading and understanding Biblical passages that foretell the future.  Nearly all prophetic predictions are layered.  This means that sometimes one Scripture pertains to more than one time in human history (or the future); it can also pertain to more than one entity, whether it is concerning historical or future individuals, nations, or empires.  There may also be numerous spiritual applications imbedded in what God had said through His chosen writers.  So, with this established, let’s go on.

I believe that many of the prophetic statements made about Babylon in the Bible specifically speak about the great nation of America.  I am now going to attempt to show you where and how.  Also, when one studies prophecy in the Bible, it becomes clear that a number of comments concerning Israel also are applicable to America.  Some are only speaking to or about physical nation of Israel, and others have to do with both.  Obviously, it is important to know the difference.  This can only be found by some honest digging into Scripture.

You may say that you don’t have that much time to read the Bible, much less study, but think of it this way:  If we suddenly had our electrical power interrupted and all of our many sources of cyber communication broken, what would we do with our time?

One of the things that sets earlier generations apart from our generation is the fact that there was a lack of things available to consume their time.  I won’t even bother to list all of what we have available.  I find myself just as guilty as the next person of misusing valuable time.  Even when we have a spare ten minute block of time, we quickly go through a mental list of activities available—without even really noticing what we’re doing, and find something to occupy our minds with.

I hope you don’t think that I’m saying that we shouldn’t enjoy times of fishing, watching a good movie, going out to dinner, etc.  That’s not it.  We have just come to a time to where most of us can’t stand to be idle.  We’ve become hyper.  We are immediately BORED, so we find a game on our phone or whatever device in our pocket to fill the time.  We miss so very much when we don’t stop to “smell the roses”.  We miss the deeper relationship available with our Creator God as well when we don’t stop long enough to truly enjoy all of what He has created for our pleasure and use.  It is the same thing with God’s written Word.  We fly through our Scripture reading, if we do any at all, and miss 99% of what is really in there for us.  If there has ever been a time for us to glean the gold imbedded in the Bible God has left us as our guide and roadmap, IT IS TODAY.  Keep this in mind:  None of us has a guarantee that God is not going to interrupt everything any moment now and initiate the next step of His plan.  Even if not today, are you able to guarantee that you are going to live through the day?  No.  None of us has control over how our lives unfold.  To take the chance of our lifetime—if not eternity itself would accurately give us the title of FOOL.  That’s what the Bible says, not insignificant old Jake!

So, I’m going to interrupt this post long enough for you to prepare yourself for the things I need to write next.  Most of you on my flash e-mail list, which announces the posts when they are put on line, live in America.  All of the rest of you who read by don’t live in this country, welcome!  I appreciate you taking the time to visit “keeplookingup.com.” We are still in the very early stages of this blog-site and I invite you to grow with us.

In preparation for Part 2 of this post series, please read Jeremiah 50 & 51, as well as Isaiah 18.  Fair warning:  The Jeremiah reading alone is 110 verses, so allow sufficient time.  It is well worth it.  Don’t worry about not understanding things, just honor God by reading through it carefully and methodically—not allowing yourself to be on a speed reading racetrack.  We have an incredible evil enemy that would just as soon we fly through our reading and not get a thing from it.  Please shut everything else off and out in spite of the great temptation to do otherwise.  This has to do with our immediate future, as well as eternity.  What can be more important???

Part 2 is already nearly ready for print, so be prepared.  It is quite detailed…


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