I felt this morning that I needed to slip in a short post in light of the events of the last couple days.  I have been rather slow getting Part 2 out concerning America in the Scriptures, but have been trying to beat the hot weather coming and get some needed things done, especially my front yard.  I hope to finally have it out tonight or in the morning (I hope).  I believe it will be worth the wait.

Today though I have a great concern because of the increasing tension between the United States and Israel.  The President of the US has just made it quite clear that his policy is that he will require Israel to agree to the borders of the nation to go back to the pre-1967 borders.

With the US taking such a firm stance, and not so much suggesting it, but rather requiring it as Israel’s only real ally in the world, every other nation will jump on board, putting unbelievable pressure on Israel.  It will be made to look like they really don’t want peace, but that is the furthest things from the truth.  It will also be backed by the propaganda that Israel really doesn’t have rights to the land.  In fact, it will be argued that the Palestinians have more right to the land than the Jewish people.  Both of these are blatant lies.

This was predicted in the Bible though.  We need to pray for Israel.  We also need to pray for its leadership.  I can’t even imagine the pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu, especially since he was scheduled to make an address to the combined congress of the United States on May 24th.  There will of course be a meeting with President Obama as well.

Mr. Netanyahu was kept totally in the dark as to the content of speech that Mr. Obama was going to make concerning the Mideast.  It seems to have been planned as a “surprise”!  There was a response from Israel within 90 minutes of the speech because of the new requirements of Israel crossing assurances already having been made to Israel by past presidents.

Muslim nations will immediately see this as a condoning of the attacks on Israel.  They will also be stepped up dramatically now as a result.  This could easily be the spark that starts Israel’s war with their immediate border neighbors that is spoken of in the Old Testament before the better known “Gog / Magog” war.

One thing that is important to point out today is the fact that God is now holding America’s feet to the fire when she mistreats Israel.  God’s dealings with America also seem to come within 24-48 hours in the last handful of years.  One can easily track this by checking the dates of disasters in America, and comparing them to the dates of specific actions taken that are unjust actions toward Israel.  I hope you can understand what I am saying.

God promised Abraham that all who bless Israel would be blessed and anyone that curses Israel would be cursed.  There is also an interesting Scripture verse in Obadiah that says, “For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen:  as thou hast done (to Israel), it shall be done unto thee; thy reward shall return upon thine own head.” (vs. 15, Old King James Version)

I won’t detail all of the disasters that the US has had because of missteps with the “apple of God’s eye”, but they were big events!  They include Katrina, Hurricane Andrew, The perfect storm in the 80’s that hit the east coast, colossal flooding of epic proportions, massive crop destruction, out of season and normal location groupings of disastrous tornadoes, the BP oil spill disaster, etc., etc.  They were all quick, deadly, and economic disasters on an unprecedented scale.

I would be very surprised, and it would be an exception to the way God has been handling America’s actions with Israel, if America doesn’t experience a major disaster as a result of the stance Washington has taken.  I hope and pray not, but God is God.  Israel is being put into a corner that they cannot defend themselves from.  As improbable as that may seem, America could be put into the same circumstance.  Impossible you say?  Don’t bet on it.  GOD is the One that is in control, not Washington, or the Muslim world for that matter.

I will leave more commentary to another time so that I can get this sent out.

Pray for Israel.  Pray for Benjamin Netanyahu.  Pray for President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  This could bring about earth-shattering events from where the world will not be able to reverse from…

God bless you all, and of course

Keep Looking Up!


2 thoughts on “Special Bulletin, May 20, 2011

  1. Hey Jake,

    Not surprisingly, you were RIGHT ON when it came to “God holding America’s feet to the fire” concerning our president’s “abandonment” of Israel. I’m sure we’ve all seen the headlines these past 24 hours in regards to the devastation taking place in America’s heartland. — Keep watching closely, my friend, We need brothers & sisters like you with discerning spirits to keep us informed.

    Encouraging you,


  2. Jake – Yes it wasn’t more than 48 hours where these tornadoes started it seems. This character is D.C. better take notice but I am sure he won’t. Sad. Great job on the postings! I’m finally sitting down and catching up on this reading!

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