In the 7 years that we have been associated with House of Blessing, we have heard and shared many stories of miracles, seldom seen in the West, that have changed people by the grace of the One True God and Savior, Jesus Christ.  While the greatest miracle is always a person’s changed heart in repentance leading to salvation, it is sometimes God’s will to proclaim His power and love through physical miracles. So many times, we have heard of food being multiplied, wounds being healed, provision where no funds were available, even the dead raised! This week we were again gifted with a call from Pastor R telling of yet another divine intervention. He asks that we share it with you, to God’s glory alone!

One of the sheikhs who became a Believer a few months ago is known as Farid.  He is one of the many sheikhs who recently completed the HOB School of Ministry.  What makes him unique in the group, is that Farid is blind. Despite this handicap, he was known to have a “mind like a computer”, and he did very well in his studies.  He took special interest in the recent teachings regarding God’s place and plan for the nation of Israel and her current challenges in the Middle East.

After completing the courses with HOB, Farid had a strong desire to return to the area mosque where he had been associated previous to his conversion. He wanted to win souls to Yeshua. It was a step of faith for him, but he truly believed that Roman’s 10:17 (“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”) was a call to him to share the truth that he had found and that had changed his life for eternity.

Farid returned to his mosque and hundreds gathered to hear him and his testimony.  He told them that he wanted to teach them from the only real “holy book”, explaining that  the Koran is a book from satan, brining death and destruction, not life and forgiveness. His desire was to share the hope and open door that he had found.  He wanted to introduce them to the Lord.

His testimony was met with great enthusiasm from many.  However, there was also a number of men who rejected this truth and became very angry.  These men beat Farid outside the mosque and, thinking he was dead, they threw his body into the garbage dump.  When Farid came to, he became conscious of several things: He was badly beaten but still alive; he was very cold; the stench around him was terrible.

As he began to pray, he felt overwhelmed by an urge to worship. It was then that he felt a hand on his chest and, instantly, he felt heat from the hand spreading throughout his body.  He also noticed a very pleasant aroma coming from the heat. That beautiful aroma overcame the foul smell of the garbage on which he was lying.

With that hand still resting on his chest, Farid asked, ‘Are you the Lord?’  He heard the response, ‘No, but I was sent by Him to help you.’ He explained that he was an angel and that God wanted Farid to know how pleased He is with his walk and his love for the Lord.

As Farid continued to worship, he could feel his body being healed.  Then he said, ‘I so much want to be able to see!’ The angel then touched his eyes, and they were totally healed! He then told Farid to go back and tell of the good things God had done for him.  That is when Farid said that all seven of his children had been born blind. The angel touched him yet again and Farid smelled more of the exquisite aroma and noticed that there was oil on his hands.  The angel then told Farid that the Lord had given him a gift and that he was to lay hands on his children and they will be healed. He said, ‘God wants to bless you for your faith. God will heal everyone to whom He leads you to pray.’

Farid was so overcome with this whole event, that he didn’t even want to leave the garbage pit!  After all, he didn’t notice the rotting smell anymore! But he was very anxious to give testimony to what had happened to him—and he especially wanted to pray for his seven children.  This is exactly what he did and, just as God had promised through the angel, all seven can now see. There is great rejoicing in his family and the news is spreading like wildfire. God is also continuing to heal many people as Farid lays hands on them.

The best news of all is that even though it is less than a week since this happened, many, many souls have already been rescued from eternal death by praying the sinner’s prayer and finding forgiveness through Yeshua’s Blood. Word is that thousands are already talking about this.

Farid is no longer known as a blind sheikh; not even as a former sheikh.  He is now being called “Pastor Farid” as he continues to tell of the goodness of our God!  The men who thought they had killed him may hear this news also, perhaps from Pastor Farid.  We pray they hear the truth of God’s forgiveness and love as they experience the faith that comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

God Is Good!

Anne Geier

Note: Watch for the rest of the regular Mideast Update tomorrow



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