Through two phone calls received this morning from Pastor R, I have learned that the doctors that performed his first surgery had found that his blood was being poisoned somehow. His condition baffled the doctors because his blood tests showed signs of gangrene somewhere. The hospital immediately put him on strong medication, hoping that this would cure the problem.

In doing further testing, the hospital found the source of the problem. Most of you that regularly read the Mideast Updates will remember that Pastor R had been viciously attacked some months back. In this attack, the men with him were murdered and Pastor R was badly beaten and cut up. It turns out now that two of the 32 holes that he had received during this brutal attack had gotten infected and now have gangrene. Pastor R told me that these holes were near his kidneys and the hospital was going to do the second surgery as soon as they can get it scheduled.

It is possible that by the time some of you read this, the surgery may have been completed. But, I would ask that you pray for him and his physical condition as soon as you receive this emergency update. Pray for the doctors to have the guidance of the hand of God so that they can remove all of the infection and especially the gangrene. He will also need to recuperate…now, from both surgeries. But, God answers prayer! He has done it again and again.

Be watching for a regular Mideast Update that will be coming out in a day or two. God bless you all, especially as the New Year approaches. Maybe this will be the year we all meet in the presence of the One who gave His life to set us all free! Whether it is the year or not, let’s aim to serve the Master to the fullest! God is good!

Always in His Service,

Jake Geier

[email protected]


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