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One reason it is so important to understand what really happened in Genesis 6 is because it is an important key to understand much of the Old Testament.  It explains why God commanded Joshua to go into Canaan and slaughter all of the inhabitants including men, women, children, and even the animals.  One would think God is into genocide if the reason for this were not known.  The simple reason for what God commanded the children of Israel to do is that the genetics of the peoples in Canaan had been defiled and they were no longer human; they had become hybrids.  The same defilement that infected the whole world by the time of the flood had now infected many of the peoples of Canaan.  Once the bloodline was defiled, there was no going back.  There is of course much more to the whole subject than the little bit said here.

It is easy to pick our subjects that we are comfortable with in the Bible and avoid most everything else, but there is a world full of people all around us who have questions about many things that we would rather avoid.  In order to fulfill the Great Commission in our day, we need to be able to give an answer to anyone that asks—no matter where it leads.  Today people have questions about things that people did not think about in earlier generations.  Understanding what really caused the massive destruction in Noah’s day is crucial because it is linked with our generation, which will see the end of the age.

Another very uncomfortable subject in our time has to do with the millions of UFO sightings.  Are they real?  Are they the product of people’s wild imaginations?  If they are real, why are they appearing and what might it have to do with the human race?  Does this phenomenon have any connection to the statement that Jesus made when He said that the end of the age would be like the days of Noah?  Is there any connection between the Nephilim and the UFO phenomenon?  Why are not these giant bones on display all around the world, especially at the Smithsonian Institute?  This is a huge subject which I can hardly do justice in this article, but I will attempt to provide some food for thought.

The first thing I would like to tackle is the ridicule associated with the whole subject.  Any time anyone says anything about UFO’s, people immediately associate the subject with people who come up with wild-haired stories for the sake of the attention it brings.  I will agree that there are plenty of those, but it is not only people who are hooked on the “National Enquirer” or “Star” magazines that have seen these craft.

Because of time, I will just say that of the many millions of reports which have compiled of those that have seen, or maybe claim to have been abducted, there is a wide spectrum of people that have made these reports.  If even only 1% of the reports were legitimate, there would still be tens of thousands—if not more cases that need answering.  There are a great many professional people who have seen things that cannot be explained away as a wild imagination.  These people include a great many military officers including generals, doctors, psychologists, teachers, university professors, aircraft pilots, and at least two presidents of the United States.  Paul Hellyer, former secretary of defense of Canada spoke of them to the national leadership, and said that the United States is well aware of them and have had contact with them.  There have been numerous jet fighters who ended up in a dog fight with Unidentified Flying Objects and there have even been some deaths associated with these events.  It is a great mistake just to shine the whole subject on and make fun of the people who have seen something we may have not.

Part of the ridicule is because early on, due to not having an official name for these vehicles, people were calling them “flying saucers” or “flying disks”.  Actually, as of the year we are now in, 2013, the descriptions of these vehicles vary greatly.  Many have seen cigar shaped vehicles, others have seen colossal sized ships that were a mile or two wide—much like what was pictured in the movie “Independence Day”.  Many of the sightings were mass sightings and cannot be explained away as a non-event.   Huge craft like the mile wide delta-shaped ship that passed over Phoenix without a sound are difficult to ignore.  Another massive V-shaped ship was seen up close by thousands of awestruck New Yorkers in the early 80’s.  These two are just  samples of many.  Another one that hovered over a major city was said by city officials to be two miles wide!

Some of the better known writings about this phenomenon were written by people like Leslie Kean who wrote “UFO’s: Generals, Government Officials Go On The Record”.  The book has many reliable sources and corroborating data.  Some of the chapters were authored by Captain Ray Browyer and government officials like Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona.  These cases emphasized that there were skeptical trained observers of officially documented cases.  The phenomenon is shown as a world wide happening.

Jacques Valle did extensive work on this subject for many years including his 1969 work “Passport to Magnonia” and work that is much more recent with Chris Aulbeck called “Wonders in the Sky:  Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times”.  This came in in 2010.  Two of the more recent works are by investigative journalist Leslie Kean and historian Richard Dolan.

Richard Dolan wrote two books that are quite convincing.  The first volume is “UFO’s and the National Security State:  Chronology of a cover up, 1941-1973.  The second book is called, “The Cover-up Exposed, 1973-1991.  The books are full of well documented incidences and a chronology narrative of the US national security dimensions of the UFO phenomenon from 1941 until modern times.  There is an enormous amount of information from recently declassified documents, many of them showing government involvement.  There are an abundance of military witnesses with corroborating radar and visual confirmations—even alleged crash retrievals as well as deaths of military personnel recorded in official documents.  The evidence is quite heavy.

Two more names to add to the list of professionals that have written on the subject are Professor David Jacobs, historian, Temple University, and Dr. John Mack, Harvard Psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize Winner.  Jacobs’ doctrinal dissertation in 1975 was on “The UFO Controversy in America”.  John Mack wrote “Abduction, Passport to the Cosmos in 1994.  He risked his reputation and career to write what he did.  Jacobs also wrote “Secret Life, Firsthand Accounts of UFO abductions and 1992 and “The Threat:  Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda” in 1998 and “UFO’s and Abductions:  Challenging the Borders of Knowledge” in 2000.

Jacobs made an interesting conclusion and said:  “Exterestrial Biological Entities are not only visiting earth but are actually abducting millions of humans to extract genetic materials for purpose of creating a race of hybrids.”

One more academic who wrote on the subject is Karla Turner who wrote the book “Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda” in 1994.  She also wrote “Masquerade of Angels” in 1994.  She agreed with Jacobs wholeheartedly; in fact testified in great detail that it was happening to her.

Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, chief of the official Air Force investigating agency, “Project Blue Book”, came up with the term “Unidentified Flying Object”, or UFO, as a replacement for the ridiculed “flying disk or saucer”.   The United States Air Force has been said since 1947 that there is no proof of UFO’s yet. Most people however don’t realize that a considerably large percentage of the military does not agree with this.  Air Force General Nathan Twining stated in a classified document that, “The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious.” (I must give credit to Tom Horn and Chris Putnam in their book, “Exo-Vaticana” for the long list of corroborating materials and authors that I selected a few from)

The reports that have been streaming in describe many shapes and sizes of these craft.  If people around the world were to see the same type of craft everywhere it might cause greater concern because it would be more believable.  For those that have seen these craft or the occupants, they know quite well they have seen something abnormal for this world.  The movements of the craft are often beyond the capabilities of anything on this earth.  It is not uncommon for an air force jet to have a UFO come into the same vicinity.  When the jet gives chase, the UFO will play along for a bit but then with ease leave it behind like it were standing still.  Many UFO’s have been seen accelerating from a hovering position to several thousand miles per hour in less than a second.  What is even more unbelievable is to see a UFO traveling at 4,000 miles per hour and make an instantaneous 90 degree turn without slowing.  If a human were to be in a vehicle doing this, the human body would liquefy.

Much more could be said, but this will have to suffice for now.  I would like to recommend an excellent book for anyone that really wants to read about this phenomenon and hear the facts from a professional point of view as well as someone who is a seasoned believer in Jesus Christ, I would recommend reading “The Omega Conspiracy” by Dr. I.D.E. Thomas.  This book was written a number of years ago and is one of the best in giving a well documented account of the UFO phenomena and what it is all about.

I will add this.  Years ago, I saw a UFO myself.  I was driving on the Golden State freeway in the Los Angeles area headed for Disneyland and spotted a still reflection in the sky above me.  I continued watching it for about 15-20 minutes and then lost sight of it.  I pretty much put it in file 13 in my mind until I heard a radio broadcast the next day saying that thousands of people in Rosemead, California had seen it as well.  There was no other explanation for the hovering craft I saw.  Since that time, I have had understanding for people who have seen things they could not explain.

History has all sorts of stories of bizarre events and even reports of very strange creatures crossing the paths of humans.  Many of the things people have written off as myths, fairy tales or fables often have more truth to them than we think.  The ancients saw many creatures that crossed their reality, and from what I’ve learned through my own studies, there is no reason not to believe them, because it is still happening in the present day.  They are demonic in nature, but they are quite real.  Historical records speak of Incubi, Succubi, Elementals like gnomes, nymphs, fairies, sylphs, and even the Werewolf.  Some may have read the Mothman chronicles and thought it was fictitious, but it appears historically to have happened.  Many in our day laugh at stories of the Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, or Big Foot, and yet there are accounts that cannot be explained.  I had a friend that let me in on a hobby he had—this after knowing him for several years.  He told me that he regularly went out to view these creatures and had several dozen concrete casts of their footprints.  It turned out that he was working with a professor at Portland State University.  I got a chance to look at many of these casts myself and after hearing his experiences, I believe he was telling the absolute truth.  I knew the man quite well.

I know many wonder how all this could really be.  Many think that the occupants of the UFO’s are from other planets or star systems.  I have heard supposed phone calls between people on earth and supposed aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy, which is the closest galaxy to our Milky Way.  This “being” claimed that earth was on their scope and they knew that earth was heading into a very difficult time and they were going to help mankind out.  Others claim to be in contact with so-called alien individuals who claim to represent the Federation of Star Peoples, and the Federation is well aware of the cataclysm and disaster Earth is facing in the very near future.  These “aliens” claim that massive armadas of UFO’s including gigantic mother ships are on their way to help Earth because they have the power and know how to guide the human race through the coming chaos and turmoil.  They claim to be friendly and just want the human race to survive and continue to evolve so that they can join the Federation.  What people don’t realize is that these “aliens” are fallen angels and their demon hordes, and…Nephilim.

Some of you that are reading this may think this is absolutely crazy; others may think that I have lost touch with reality.  Yet, has the human race not been prepared for such a thing?  Think back to all the sci-fi movies over the last few decades.  There have been too many to name in this article, but there have been hundreds by now.  We have also been prepped for the weird and out of the ordinary by TV series like “Outer Limits”, “Fringe”, “Battlestar Gallactica”, and many others.  Whether we have wanted it or not, our way of thinking and seeing things has changed.

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