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Let me draw a mental picture and see what you think.  Most of us realize that our world is headed for numerous crisis that all seem to be converging at the same time.  As I write this, the economy of the entire world is hanging over a precipice.  Most all the top economists say the bottom is going to drop out any time now.  Let’s say that happens.  About that time, the Mideast explodes into a major war.  There is a swiftly growing build-up around Syria at this very time, with the major powers of the world being on one side or another.  The massive firepower being brought into play promises to bring great destruction and death to masses of people.

Once the Mideast explodes, conventional weapons will not be the only thing used.  This time weapons of mass destruction will be unleashed.  This will eventually lead to another world war, and the U.S., Russia, China, and most other nations will be engaged.  This time, war will find the North American Continent.  America will experience what Europe did in the first two world wars.  War will bring famine, disease, and starvation.  We also know that the weather on our planet is changing very quickly.  Earth will experience massive hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, and much more—like this earth has never seen.  Then there are the cosmic threats.  Planet Earth is experiencing more and more near misses from asteroids, fireballs, and meteors.  The Bible tells us there are going to be some collisions in the near future.  We are also at a time when the Solar Maximum is almost here.  It would only take one large X-class solar flare to hit the earth like the one in 1859 and the western world could lose its power grids, communication, and anything else that depends on electricity.  Everything could very well fry.  We would have the same thing if nations began hitting each other with EMP’s.

So now that I’ve painted this cataclysmic picture, how do you think mankind would respond if whole armadas of aliens showed up and their spokesman said, with man’s cooperation, they can save the human race from sure extinction?  The human race has already been prepped and well prepared to accept the offer immediately.  How many of us really believe that this invasion would be benevolent to the human race?  After all, most have been thoroughly fooled into thinking that these are other races of star people.   I also, along with many others, believe these beings are inter-dimensional, instead of just being from our three dimensional world.  Scientists tell us that they are now aware of a total of at least ten dimensions.  Modern man’s knowledge is quite limited, as is his ability to see the entire light spectrum.  We only see a very small segment of it.  It won’t be until we enter eternity that we will have the opportunity to see for ourselves how great God’s creation really is.  We won’t be limited with the tunnel vision we now are limited to.

I would like to add another dimension to this discussion.  The Roman Catholic Church has been heavily invested into astronomy for a very long time.  The most sophisticated telescope in the world happens to be located on Mt. Graham in Arizona.  It is the largest binocular telescope in the world and is outfitted with what is called the LUCIFER device, with the LUCIFER II due to be installed soon.  The moniker LUCIFER stands for “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.”

I have read “Petrus Romanus, the Final Pope is Here” by Tom Horn and Chris Putnam as well as being nearly finished with “Exo-Vaticana” by the same authors.  There are those that will, if they have not already, thumb their nose at these books but I highly recommend them.  The history and detail in both volumes is beyond comparison.  Neither book is an easy or quick read, but they are absolutely full of irrefutable facts.  When I bought the books I also received about 20,000 pages of resources for each volume to confirm what the books have put into print.  What is happening at the top echelons of the Catholic Church is beyond what most Catholic people are aware of.

The binocular telescope on Mt. Graham is in the hands of Jesuit astronomers.  This telescope, which is equipped to see images that can only be seen with equipment designed for seeing infrared images, is being used to search deep areas of space.  From interviews with the Jesuits at the facility, Horn and Putnam found that the majority of UFO’s are not seen without this equipment.  It also appears that there are so many of them that they are almost a nuisance, hindering what the Jesuit astronomers are trying to accomplish.

So what are they looking for?  One thing they are looking for is Planet X.  This is because one of the names it goes by is “Wormwood” according to the book of Revelation.  It seems that the Roman Catholic Church is expecting it real soon, in fact I suspect they are watching a number of things approaching us from deep space.  From conversations with the top astronomers of the facility, Horn and Putnam got the distinct impression that they did have something within their field of vision approaching planet earth but wouldn’t say what.

The facility on Mt. Graham is designed to view some of the deepest areas of space and so they are looking for other planets that have similarities to Planet Earth.  These are categorized and recorded.  It seems the thing that is looked for most though is a mass arrival of aliens and their imminent time of disclosure here on planet Earth.  The most disturbing thing about what is expected is the fact that from the very top echelons of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, including the Pope’s university in Rome, is an alien Messiah who is expected to make himself known along with the massive invasion from the cosmos that he is bringing.

There are many reports given even on YouTube of the massive ships; in fact gigantic armadas that are seen heading our way.  Most of us discount these as the wild imaginations of Sci Fi addicts.  But what if it’s not all imagination?  Could it be part of what the Bible says causes men’s hearts to fail for fear because of what is coming down to the earth?  I happen to believe that it is an ancient plan of the evil one.  There was an invasion of the ancient world during the time in Jared’s day, Noah’s great great grandfather.  Then it showed up again in Canaan and the Israelites had to deal with the tribes that were infested with some of the same type of hybrids.  Then we read that Jesus warned that the end of the age would be just like the days of Noah.  Most people say this just has to do with the fact that people will still live their lives, being in business, going about life as usual—getting married, having kids, etc.  But, I believe that He was warning of more than that.  I believe that He was warning that there would be a major incursion once again.  It will become a major part of the “Great Delusion” that the Bible says would take the world over at the end of the age.

The “Great Delusion” is already taking hold around the world.  We are finding that mainline churches are leaving behind the “absolutes” of the Gospel that Jesus preached and taught to His followers.  It was the same truth that was told in the Old Testament, but He emphasized the Great Grace that was being made available—through Himself, the Lamb of God, who was to be sacrificed for the sins of the world.  Most refuse to acknowledge this Blood bought provision.  Most also reject the fact that God has never given up on His chosen people, the Jews.  The majority of churches in the western world teach that the Jews have been cast aside and the “Church” has taken their place.  In order to teach this, one would need to throw out Romans chapters 9-11 completely, as well as many other passages in God’s Word.  It doesn’t matter what apostate preachers or teachers say, God has made an eternal promise to the Jewish people that He will never rescind!

This Great Delusion is already in motion as said above.  It began to gain momentum in the 20th century—particularly after 1960, but here we are 53 years later, and it is well engrained in our culture.  The land of the brave and the land of the free is falling like an eagle that has been shot with a 12 gauge shotgun!  Because of the fact that the great blessings of God have led to us becoming absolutely self-centered, we have become arrogant in our rebellion against the very Creator that gave us our existence.  In our arrogance we have kicked Him out of our government; we have booted Him out of our schools; we penalize anyone having a Christian symbol at their work station; we fire those who dare speak of Jesus to anyone on the job; military personnel can speak of any personal beliefs, even of a religious nature—with the exception of the Christian faith!  America has murdered at least 50-70 million babies since Roe vs. Wade and many times over that number has been paid for by the U.S. around the world in the name of population control.  The Supreme Court has now opened the door for same sex marriages throughout the land.  Can we really say that we are not deluded??  Wrong has become right and right has become wrong!  Our nation is being dismantled as this article is being written.  Most just don’t see it, neither will they.

It has been said by the top cardinals of the Catholic Church that Christians will not have to change their beliefs immediately upon disclosure, but because of the fact that the aliens will not be a “fallen race”, will be closer to God than we are.  This will require us to re-read our own dogma so that we can make the changes or adjustments necessary to include the beliefs of the newcomers.  After all, these star people will have come to “help” the human race survive the coming chaotic cataclysm.

Many may think this is all absolutely nuts.  But, let me assure you, this is exactly what the Jesuits believe, and there is some truth to what they are expecting to come our way, although they are fooled as well.  The Bible says that the time would come when God would turn the human race over to a great delusion because of their rebellion and refusal to recognize Him for who He is.  That time is now at the threshold!  There are many so-called conversations with aliens from other planets and even some from other star systems.  I have listened to a so-called representative of “our galactic brethren” speaking to earthlings from the Andromeda Galaxy!  These beings claim to have Earth in their scope and know that earthlings are going to need a great intervention in the very near future.  Because of what is coming upon the human race, these supposed more advanced “star brethren” of the great cosmos have gathered and are coming toward the earth in great masses so that they can see us through.  Amazing!!

There is already an answer that has been prepared for the event soon coming that is going to remove God’s faithful ones.  God has promised to remove His people before the Great Tribulation comes to this planet.  The reason for so many millions disappearing into thin air will be that our “star brethren” have taken those that were uncooperative to the New World order and World Religion, in order to re-program them so that they will fit in with the Great Age of Aquarius.  This is so that the earth can finally come to a point of enlightenment that will make them worthy of joining the Federation of Star Peoples—and many are already believing this great lie.

All of the things that I have said is really only for one purpose.  It is to remind us how crucial the days are that we are living in.  These are not normal times!  We are at the most volatile time in the history of mankind.  If we miss seeing what is really going on because we are so lost in our personal agendas, we will not be capable of answering the questions that most people all around us have today.  For those of us that claim to be Christ-followers, do we dare disobey the command of Jesus when He told us to be aware of the season we are in?  Are we still the salt of the earth?  Are we fulfilling the command to be a light on the top of the hill?  People everywhere are begging for answers.  This is the ONLY reason true Christians are still on earth.

I would like to end this long article with this.  Many of you may have a hard time swallowing some of the things above.  It is however something that we need to be prepared to face.  Myself, I believe strongly that God will pull His true followers out of the way so that the devil can finish his rebellious plan and then be removed.  This however does not mean that we might not face some very difficult times.  Christianity in its true form is not being accepted anymore.  We are a minority and the world around us is distancing itself farther and farther.  There are disastrous events that are now imminent and it will cause many people to question their own faith.  God will reach anyone that will bend their knees before Him.  I believe there is already a massive harvest in process, and then there will be another one right after the Great Tribulation begins.  The Book of Revelation records that there are a huge multitude of people before God’s throne who have just lost their lives and are gathered before God’s throne and are worshipping Him.  They lost their lives because of their faith in Jesus of Nazareth, but did not lose their souls.

I don’t expect that the full disclosure will be made until right after the true believers in Christ Jesus have been snatched from off the earth.  We find in II Thessalonians 2: 6-10 that the “withholder” needs to be taken out of the way before the Antichrist can be revealed.  This is the remnant of true believers still on the earth today.  The Holy Spirit in this dispensation is keeping the devil back until it is time.

If you the reader have not made things right between you and the Eternal God who created you, it must be today.  The Bible says that TODAY is the day of salvation.  None of us have a guarantee of tomorrow no matter how young or healthy.  I’m afraid that many people are not really excited for the return of the LORD because things are going too well for them now.  They would rather enjoy this life first and then afterwards turn to God.  That will turn out to be a mistake with eternal consequences for many.  God’s Word is true and we need to accept it for what it says, not expect God to accommodate us as we see things.  In the Book of Ephesians it tells us to redeem the time, for the days are evil. The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy that perilous times would come to the earth at the time of the end.  There have always been perilous times of some kind, but Jesus Himself said that what is coming down on the earth is the worst that has ever happened; in fact it would never happen again.  Where do you stand today?  Make sure!  Grace is still available and the door to God’s ark of safety is still open but just like in Noah’s day, God will shut the door—and no one can open it.  “Even so come LORD Jesus” (Revelation 22: 20b)



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