Recently I ran into an article on the website “UNSEALED” (which I highly recommend) that I have read several times. It spoke powerfully to my own heart and it spoke to the times we are living in with such clarity, I shared it with my own home fellowship. I also sent out to my mailing list. The article is a bit longer than what many of you are used to—even on this website, but I urge you to take the time to read it all the way through and ponder the words that have been penned by the author. I found it to be much more than a mere article, but rather a timely and anointed exhortation from the Holy Spirit. See if you don’t find it as I have…




Source: “UNSEALED” website

Author: Gary

Prepare yourselves dear friends for this will be the most somber article I’ve ever written.  This may challenge and stretch you. It may make you uncomfortable and your stomach twist, but you need to hear it—if not for yourself, then for those you know who are far from God.  I have called upon the LORD to give me the words to say and I have faith He will. 

No ears will be tickled with this article, but there is certainly hope for those who believe.

I pray that God will give me His words and that through His words we may all be shaken out of our slumber.  I pray that all I’m about to share is grounded in the truth of God’s word. I’m going to shoot very straight with you and with myself about the world we live in.  There will be no comfort found here unless you are personally persuaded that Christ rose from the dead and is coming again.

The Christian life is something of an enigma.  On the one hand, it’s ecstatic joy mingled with great expectation and the constant expectancy that we will soon see and experience, face to face, the promises we believed by faith when we first accepted God’s gift.  The Bible’s vivid descriptions of God’s unveiled glory and the grandeur of Heaven stir our hearts and fill us with extreme longing. To be surrounded by ineffable light, clothed in immortality, and perfected forever in the presence of God is far too much for words.  To finally cease from all anxiety and all the tribulations of life, and to no longer have even a single doubt of faith ever again is what we Christians are hoping for. We know, by faith, that this hope will truly come to be. I know where I’m going even though I haven’t seen it yet.  I will, with my own eyes, behold Christ’s glory.

On the other hand, that longing goes unmet day after day and week after week.  We toil and pine away in the grind of life. Sicknesses beset us, our beloved family members age, and our loved ones long gone slowly turn to dust.  Our minds are littered with the daily news of violence, untimely deaths, and a world far askew of anything resembling biblical morality. Killers and traitors run rampant, babies are torn limb from limb, and our faith is continually mocked.  Justice and deliverance never seem to come. And in the midst of this death and decay we lift up a song of praise to God hoping beyond hope that this momentary mountaintop experience will finally become one that doesn’t cease. We blink and hope that when our eyelids next roll up we will be beholding God on His throne.

As if this dark world wasn’t challenging enough, we seek fellowship with like-minded believers, but often find only people wearing a religious mask.  So often they feel unrelatable because they won’t share their struggles. They won’t tell you who they really are and how they’re really doing.  From outside appearances they’re Jesus Himself, but the word of God they claim to believe in says their righteousness is but a filthy garment.  They can’t be salve for anyone because they say they’ve never needed salve themselves. I find the kind of faith they express, to be, to some extent, unreal.  But I’ll tell you about my faith.

My faith has kept me from the edge of suicide multiple times, helped me endure a broken childhood and adolescence, enabled me to persevere through chronic breathing issues, stomach issues, and clinically-diagnosed childhood trauma, depression, and ADHD.  It’s conquered struggles of sin and kept me struggling against areas still unconquered. My faith keeps me praying for those whom I love that are far from God, still trapped in chains of darkness.

And this faith, which is not my own, has enabled me, the most unlikely and broken of people, to endure withering attacks and criticisms from people in and outside the Church who mock at God and what His word plainly says.  I am one of the shiest and meekest people you might meet yet God has led my path into newspaper and TV interviews, writing to thousands of people, and sharing the gospel with a multitude. I have nothing whatsoever to brag about.  Actually, it’s downright shocking to me that God would choose to work through someone whose flesh is as corrupted as mine. I’m even more shocked that after I’ve continually failed Him He still pulls me back to my feet, recommissions me, and tells me: “Go!”

So I go.

And here is the message: if you do not believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and that He died for your sins and rose again you will die in your sins.  And for most of those living today, that death will not occur in the present Age of Grace.  This is the generation that will witness Christ’s visible return to earth and those with faith in Him now will escape years before.

“One more turn.”  These three words have been heavy on my heart.  Soon the earth will have turned on its axis one last time before everything changes.  One last sunrise. One last night. And then there will be no going back. No more days of blissful ignorance.  No more moments to ignore God. All who are left will be forced to deal head on with the Bible’s claims and the reality of a world where everyone is their own god.  You have never known darkness and terror like this.

Most people close their ears to bad news.  Even most of those who call upon the Name of Christ.  No one wants to hear the cynic. And when a warning is given, the alarm goes unheeded.  Even worse, the spiritual warnings that many Christian leaders have given are fundamentally flawed—pushing people toward trust in self instead of trust in the One who is Himself salvation.  These warnings leave you disoriented, confused, and hopeless. Not so the warning I’m about to give.  There is great hope and a clear solution for yourself and those you love, but we must first see the darkness of our present reality in order that the light of hope is magnified.  Reality is far darker than we can imagine, but the light is infinitely brighter. It is already piercing the darkness and is about to pierce it through to death. The darkness will flee at the light.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

– John 1:5

Joy and Lament

They say to the seers, ‘See no more visions!’ and to the prophets, ‘Give us no more visions of what is right!  Tell us pleasant things, prophesy illusions.’

Isaiah 30:10

That is the message of modern Therapeutic Moral Deism (aka modern progressive Christianity).  It’s also the message of the world. The world is hungering for spiritual truth. People long for good to win.  It’s just that what they think is good isn’t good. Do you want the truth if it means pain now? Or do you want falsehood if it means comfort now and much worse pain later?  The world is full of Esaus who’ll lose everything for a bowl of stew.

The world as we know it will end in fire.  You have friends, family, and coworkers who will be tormented in the Great Tribulation and dissolved in the fire of God’s wrath in Gehenna.  Some won’t repent (e.g., convert) now to escape, but will repent later after the Church has been removed.  The post-rapture repentant will be starved to death, slayed by swords, and beheaded.  They will be saved by faith as we are, but their physical torment will be much greater.

But the unrepentant, just as they are doing today, will chase their own illusions as long as they still breathe.  Even after the veil begins to lift and millions are taken straight to the Throne Room of God, they will still seek each and every excuse to believe it was caused by something—anything—other than the single most plausible explanation: an all-powerful, self-existent God doing exactly what He promised to do in His word.  Aliens or the Large Hadron Collider—even judgment on the disappeared—will all be offered as possibilities.  Their excuses will reveal peoples’ two deepest intentions, which are to keep themselves from acknowledging that 1. God is in control and they are not, and 2. their sins demand justice.

As Christians we do have moments of joy.  We do laugh and sing. But overall, we are broken and repentant over the darkness in the world and the darkness still present within—in our flesh.  We long to be free of this world (which is passing away) and from these bodies of sin and death.

Occupy until He comes, yes, absolutely.  But that should only ever be secondary to looking up.  And “occupy” doesn’t mean stay busy about your pleasures and plans.  It means be busy about God’s business.  Overall, this is not the time for pleasure and greatest rejoicing, yet so many Christians think that it is.  They’re wrong. Dead wrong. This is the time for spiritual sobriety, lamentation, and putting on one’s sackcloth (whatever that might be).  This is the time to be using every means possible to tell someone the message of good news that we preach. Tell someone by word-of-mouth, social media, letter, radio, or some other way, but tell someone.  Consider the lost and rend your hearts and not your garments for their sake.  Those around you are perishing.

As Ecclesiastes tells us, there is a time for everything under Heaven: “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance…”  I do have moments of joy now, great joy in fact, but now is my time to weep and mourn. I’ll be laughing and dancing in Heaven.

Everyone wants everything their heart desires now (and I’m no different), but it just doesn’t work that way.  I can’t emphasize this enough: Heaven is the very best. You can’t have everything you want, but you can have everything God promises, which, while you can’t understand or feel it now, are things so much more pleasurable and desirable than whatever it is you think you want from this dark world.  Trust God. Consider your aching and longing heart. Don’t hide from reality. Things are not yet the way they should be. You’ll run yourself ragged, never filling up to satisfaction, if you aim for earth.  Aim for Heaven, though, and you will experience joy in Heaven for which God-breathed Scripture says is incomprehensible and will make you to never be hungry again.

A World in Darkness

This world isn’t Hades, but it isn’t much better either.  We do still catch small glimpses of God’s glory. His light still shines through as if through pinholes in a curtain, but since the time Satan swindled our first parents out of their dominion of earth, a spiritual veil has covered our reality.  We can’t see beyond it. Metaphysics is gathering evidence that we live in a 10, 11, or 26-dimensional universe, but our present experience is limited to only height, width, depth, and time.


Something terrible happened approximately 6,000 years ago to break off our access to the whole—and so we lost face-to-face access to God.  Heaven now seems so far away. What seems “real” and ever-present is this dim and gritty “natural” world. But it’s now so much less than what it was.  This is a world in darkness:

Multitudes of children are slain in the womb, grocery shoppers are mowed down by gunfire, wicked hypocrites control the reins of power, and most have to toil for their bread.  The faithful are mocked, maligned, and persecuted, and the filthy seem only to gather more and more. Children are bullied and molested, women are raped, and men are shamed for being men.  Rarely does right win.

Many die young.  Most toil through school and career, saving up only to have material blessing while aged and decrepit.  Cancer, heart disease, war, and death. Loved ones lost, friends abandoning. This isn’t cherry-picking the bad, this is pointing out what all will experience at some point in this life.  This dark world is not where one should find their Heaven. If this is your Heaven then it’s the only Heaven you’ll ever know, but if this is your hell then it’s the only hell you’ll ever experience.  Choose wisely. The choice is easy. The cost was paid for by God Himself. Adam and Eve got us into this mess by one bad choice, and you can get out by one right choice.

The Man-made Cataclysm

Mockers who routinely question biblical morality often point to the Global Flood as evidence of God’s apparent lack of righteousness.  How could God indiscriminately kill everyone on the planet? The answer is actually very simple: they were not God’s children because they did not believe in Him.  They were violent, evil trespassers who had invaded a place that God Himself created exclusively for His children.  They were the ones actually doing the indiscriminate killing, and even worse—persecuting and killing the righteous.  The righteous are those who believe in God and are thus His children. Contrary to the opinion of the wolf of Rome, not everyone is God’s child.  The Bible could not be more clear on this point.  The children of God are those who have faith in Him and thus have His Holy Spirit.  It’s as Paul wrote to the Romans: “For all who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.”

We learn from the Genesis account of the Flood that the hearts of the people whom God destroyed were “continually evil” (Gen. 6:5) and the earth had become corrupt and was “filled with violence” because of them (Gen. 6:11).  These thieves had broken into God’s house.  They had broken down the door to pillage, plunder, rape, and destroy.  They were guilty and deserving of death and God was fully within His rights to do what He did.  In fact, He was proven righteous, because He did not let the guilty go unpunished. He also delivered the righteous (Noah), rescuing him and his family from the destruction down below.  He was carried away to safety in a wooden vessel, entering into it through a door. In our day and age the wooden vessel is the Cross, to which believers cling for forgiveness, and the door is Christ through whom we have access to our Father in Heaven (Jn. 10:9; Rev. 4:1).

We are not told in the Bible how many were killed in the Flood.  It might have been a billion or more. Apocryphal sources put it much lower, suggesting there may have been less than one million humans alive at the time for whatever reason (violence? abortion? the Nephilim?).  Either way, we can only guess.

But here’s something we can know: the very people who scoff at God for His righteous act of judgment are actively defending an equally destructive global cataclysm of their own doing that has no justification whatsoever.  It’s called abortion. The violent murder of billions of innocent babies through poisoning, beheading, dismemberment, and crushing.

Historians say abortion and infanticide have always been around and I don’t doubt that, but what is now an unquestionable fact of history is that human depravity in the 20th century via the eugenics movement has increased this by orders of magnitude.  What was once an uncommon tragedy has become a routine occurrence, a holocaust that makes the entirety of World War II pale in comparison.

One million are murdered in the U.S. every single year via abortion.  50 million around the world. Over two billion have been slaughtered worldwide since Roe v. Wade in 1973.  This massacre may actually exceed the loss of life during the Global Flood.  Only, again, it’s a loss of innocent life whereas the Flood was sent to destroy guilty, violent, unbelieving intruders.

Wolves Everywhere

The capital ‘T’ Tribulation is yet to come, but believers already persist in their faith in the midst of much trial and tribulation.  Whether it be persecution amidst the world’s demonic morality or sickness, loss, doubt, and death—we keep going.  But the greatest struggle is not with sin outside, but sin still within, in our flesh, and the wolves among us who lurk within our ranks.  There are two kinds of wolves in sheep’s clothing in our midst: the legalists and the lawless. These are typified in the gospels by Pharisees and Sadducees.

The Pharisees were the proud and self-righteous condemners who worshiped the Law rather than Christ.  They thought doing the right things made them right with God and when Jesus showed up and told them that the only way they could find life was by believing in Him and His message, they condemned Him and had Him put to death. 

The Sadducees denied the truth of Scripture and twisted it to fit their contemporary, Hellenized lifestyles—just like many of the Christians today who justify whatever beliefs and behaviors they want by twisting Scripture.  They didn’t believe God’s words. 

“Narrow is the way” doesn’t mean “hard to make it is the way.”  Jesus said His yoke is easy and His burden is light and in Him we find rest for our weary souls (Mt. 11:28–30, Heb. 4:9–11).  The Christian life has its hardships and difficulties, but salvation itself isn’t one of them.  Jesus paid the entire price for our salvation. He died not just for some of our sins, but for all of them (Rm. 4:25; 1 Pt. 2:24; 3:18; Col. 2:13; Heb. 10:11–12).  We are justified before God by faith alone in Christ alone.  “Narrow is the way” means that the way is exclusive and focused.  Jesus Himself is the Way (Jn. 14:6).  The way is narrow because the doctrine of salvation through Christ alone is narrow.  Few there are that find it. The only way to Heaven and eternal life is through faith in Christ and the sufficiency of His propitiation and resurrection. 

In a nutshell, the history of the Church is the story of believers keeping the hope of the gospel alive while continually fighting against the deceiving spirits that have infiltrated its ranks.  These deceiving spirits teach either law without grace (legalism) or grace without faith (lawlessness). 

The legalists (epitomized by the Pharisees) pay lip service to the gospel, but effectively deny the Atonement.  They ridicule Believers who preach the simple gospel message and pressure Christians to abandon grace and go back to the Law (Gal. 5:3–4).  They lay burdens on their brothers that no one can bear and hold them to standards that they themselves violate.  And as far as unbelievers are concerned, legalists shut the door of salvation in their faces. 

The lawless (epitomized by the Sadducees) pay lip service to Christ, but they twist the gospel in many ways because they don’t really believe it.  Often they deny the literal resurrection of Christ, which must be believed for salvation (Rm. 10:9).  They run after the world and the lusts of the flesh and twist Scripture to justify themselves.  They don’t consider sin to be a real trespass against God and therefore don’t recognize their personal and desperate need for forgiveness and reconciliation.  Often times they even believe that Jesus is just one of many ways to Heaven.

What I believe God has shown me over the years is that the legalists hate the gospel because of the excesses of the lawless, which they perceive to be evidence against grace.  The lawless hate the gospel because of the hatred, vitriol, and condemnation coming from the legalists. They both err and miss the truth because they associate the truth with the other side. 

What both sides have in common is that they have a form of godliness, but deny its power.  They believe parts, but not all of Scripture, and they both deny the truth and power of the gospel. 

You see, there are two sides of the unbelieving coin.  Two lanes on the broad road to Gehenna. One side is populated by legalists who trust in themselves.  They are thieves and robbers who try to sneak into Heaven rather than going through the gate, which is Christ (Jn. 10:1).  The other side is filled with atheists and the grace-twisting lawless, alike.  Unbelievers from the lawless side of the road reject the truth of the resurrection, but many from both sides of the road, who claim to be religious and even “Christian,” reject the gospel by rejecting the atoning aspect of it.  They claim to believe Jesus died and rose again, but they don’t understand or believe that His death is their only propitiation. 

We live in a darkened, cloak-covered world and it can be exceedingly difficult to tell truth from fiction, and reality from lies, but Christians must endure these attacks and learn to discern these wolves and the traps they set.

Ghetto Trash

I used to question God’s love for me when I considered just how many people have lived.  There have been tens and tens of billions of people throughout history, so how am I special?  There have been billions of Christians since the Church first began. How can any particular one of us be a special and uniquely loved child of God who Himself is a Father of billions?

Yet God’s word is clear: He does indeed love each one of us with the ultimate love—a love that leaves the 99 to rescue the one.  A love that caused the lover to lay His life down. Jesus would die for just one sinner.

How can this be?  We can never measure or comprehend God’s love, but two things have helped me to understand His love a little better:

First, the birth of my second child.  From personal experience I’ve come to realize that attention and focus are most assuredly divided since I’m a finite human being and can only do so many things with my kids at once.  There is only so much of my attention to go around. But love is most assuredly not divided. I don’t love my firstborn any less even though I now have two children. God’s love is not divided even though He has a very, very big family.  Furthermore, God is omnipresent and His resources unlimited, so His attention is not divided like our own.

Second, if you don’t feel very special to God, consider this: God is infinite and His power unlimited.  If He so chose He could create an infinite number of children, but that’s not what He has chosen to do. Several billion children may seem like a lot, but that number will always be infinitely less than the number He could have created.  What that practically means is that when He formed you in your mother’s womb there were an infinite number of other possible persons He could have made that will never be made, because He chose to make you.  You will always be infinitely special to Him.  That means priceless and irreplaceable, which is why He would send His only begotten Son to die in your stead.

But God’s priceless and irreplaceable children are presently being mocked, persecuted, tempted, and killed.  Whereas the Jews were the world’s poor and tormented in the 1930s and 40s, today it’s the world’s Christians—especially convictional, evangelical Christians.  The world’s political and societal power is largely turned against us.

More Christians are persecuted and martyred for their faith each and every year than any other religious, ethnic, or minority group.  By some measures (e.g. Voice of the Martyrs) over 100,000 Christians are slain per year in martyrdom.  A much greater number are thrown into prison and a still even larger number are persecuted by employers, school faculty, and governing authorities; millions are abandoned by unbelieving families; tens of millions are mocked, ridiculed, and shunned for their religious views.

I assure you, God will not let His precious children endure this forever.  His justice will come swiftly. “The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness.  Instead He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” (2 Pt. 3:9)

After the soon-coming rapture, persecution of believers will be thrown into overdrive.  This new crop of Christians will be “marked” by not taking THE Mark. And they’ll be forced to dwell in squalid, ghetto-like conditions as they’re starved and killed.  I can’t help but think of a scene from Schindler’s List that is forever seared in my memory of a little Jewish boy hiding in a latrine from Nazis.  The Nazis had their mark—the swastika—and unbelievers during the Tribulation will have theirs.  And those who don’t take the Mark will be severely, severely persecuted.

We tend to romanticize future events, even horrible things like the Tribulation.  We talk about this and that happening—seals, trumpets, and vials—angels, demons, and plagues—as if it were a fantasy novel.  But it’s not. It’s a soon-coming reality that will effect billions of very real individuals, most terrified and confused. Nothing that has come before will compare to the torment of this period of time.  It will be the greatest global calamity in history.

No Hesitation

Christians have warned about the coming Mark of the Beast for generations and now it’s almost here.  I remember back in 2015 watching videos percolating out of Sweden that showed an entire business chipping its employees in their hands.  I could see back then that public opposition to the precursor technology of the Mark was quickly evaporating. And now the secular world is altogether embracing it—even to the point of chip implants in the right hand.

Via corporate initiatives and private bio-hacking, more and more people are becoming completely normalized to the idea of marking one’s hand or head to buy and sell.  The normalization is to such an extent that few nowadays, besides Christians, would resist at all.

We’re already seeing the decorations for mid-Tribulation events going up.  How close must we be?

What is Love?

This question is now more important than ever.  Christians, myself included, are now routinely called hateful and bigoted whenever we share about our faith and convictions.  Why?  Because the world wants love, but doesn’t know what love is.  They have a wrong definition.

To the world, love is two-fold: it’s one’s passions/desires and it’s acceptance of others’ passions/desires.  “Follow your heart,” the mantra found in just about every Disney movie ever made, is what love means to the world.

But that isn’t love at all—it’s just emotion.  It’s just a fleeting urge. In fact, the great irony of ironies is that what the world defines as love (following your heart and not interfering with someone else doing the same) is quite literally the exact opposite of true love.

True love isn’t a feeling, it’s a sacrificial decision to care for another at the expense of oneself.  Your feelings will almost always lead you away from love and toward self-preservation. But true love will always lead you to move Heaven and earth for the well-being of your beloved.  Love isn’t tolerance, it’s intentionality. And it isn’t desire, it’s sacrifice.

Love is the husband who cares for the helpless, Alzheimer’s-plagued wife who can offer nothing in return and doesn’t even remember his name.  He stays with her through thick and thin instead of putting her away.

Love is the mother nursing colicky newborn twins all night long, night after night, while struggling with postpartum depression.  What she really wants is for just one night of good sleep and a shower, but her love overrides that longing.

Love is the prodigal’s father, hoping and praying day after day that his son will come to his senses and return home—leaving his life of sin behind.

And love—true love—is the God who would endure constant suffering and temptation for over 30 years, just as we suffer, yet endure without sin on our behalf, dying an exceedingly brutal death to save our souls from destruction.  “Greater love has no one than this, that he would lay down his life for his friends.” (Jn. 15:13)

In terms of our witness in the face of scoffers calling us “haters”, the practical application of our love is to continue speaking the truth winsomely, calling all to repentance, and turning the other cheek.  Speaking the truth is a loving thing to do. Urging someone you care about to forsake a sin is compassionate. Sharing the gospel and warning someone of the reality of God’s coming justice is, indeed, love.

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast [materialism and selfies, anyone?]; it is not arrogant or rude.  It does not insist on its own way [follow your heart?]; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing [tolerate sinful lifestyles?], but rejoices with the truth.  Love bears all things, believes all things [that are true and of God!], hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends.

1 Corinthians 13:4–8a

Paul defines for us what love is:

The world says following your heart is loving and stopping someone from following theirs is unloving.  The Bible says love “does not insist on its own way.”

The world says it is unloving to judge sin.  The Bible says love “does not rejoice at wrongdoing.”

The world says you can fall in love and fall out of it and that you don’t need to love someone who doesn’t love you in return.  The Bible says love “bears all things… hopes all things… [and] never ends.”

This Little Light of Mine

We live amidst much clamor and confusion and virtually everyone you encounter realizes that things aren’t the way they should be.  In fact, it would seem that many unbelievers are even coming to realize the world is coming to some sort of apocalyptic showdown. The slew of apocalyptic movies and TV shows, coupled with incessant media fixation on catastrophic global warming expose this fear inherent in the hearts of those in the world who lack faith in the God who casts out fear.  Yet despite their recognition that there is a right and a wrong and things aren’t yet right, they still reject God. And many do it because they don’t want their deeds to be exposed. Many others reject Him because it’s difficult to reconcile how an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God could permit such incredible and atrocious evil and suffering.  Theodicy will always be the greatest source of doubt for those both inside and outside the Church—until God restores and reconciles all things.

Believers must explain how a loving God can permit evil and suffering, but atheists must explain everything else, because the evidence of God’s existence and the particulars of His biblical revelation are undeniable.

In the midst of this crooked and perverse generation, we must remain salt and light.  The time is exceedingly short. We will not remain the light in the earth for much longer.  Darkness is coming. And until the darkness comes, we have a unique and fleeting opportunity to share the great hope that is within us and to desperately plead with the world to be reconciled to God.


As we get closer to God’s day of reckoning and even closer still to our own day of redemption (for those of us who believe in Him), let us be sober, focused, and not distracted from the mission at hand.  Have you noticed how so much of the wickedness that has been under wraps for decades is now being revealed for what it is? Whether it be the secret recordings of Planned Parenthood workers or the new trial of Jeffrey Epstein, more and more is coming out.  And have you also noticed how fewer and fewer Christians are on the fence? They’ve been forced to either go all in on progressive, pseudo-universalist Patheos and Prosperity Gospel theology, or get back to the gospel. These things reveal that God is beginning to draw back the curtain and lift the veil.  All that was hidden will come to light. At first this will be very painful for earth dwellers, but when Christ returns with His Church, Edenic paradise will be restored and justice will reign.

On this mountain He will destroy

   the shroud that enfolds all peoples,

the sheet that covers all nations;

   He will swallow up death forever.

The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears

   from all faces;

He will remove His people’s disgrace

   from all the earth.

The Lord has spoken.

In that day they will say,

‘Surely this is our God;

   we trusted in Him, and He saved us.

This is the Lord, we trusted in Him;

   let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation.’

Isaiah 25:7–9

Keep going my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  And those reading who haven’t yet come to believe the hope that we have: now is the day of salvation.  Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and you will assuredly be saved.  Hold this conviction very, very tightly and never let it go. The time is near.


3 thoughts on ““THE LIFTED VEIL” (reprint from ‘UNSEALED’ website)…author Gary

  1. All I could say is “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created!
    Thank you Jake for sharing this very powerful and insightful article, it is IN YOUR FACE TRUTH!
    Your friend and brother Mitch

  2. Wow! What an article, so beautifully expressed. All of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and “knowings” I have gotten from walking with the Lord; through lessons learned, through trials and testing, studying His Word, prayers for discernment, and researching everything I can. Yet, I could not have expressed my heart like this. When I read this I said, “Yes! Yes! That’s it!” Indeed the veil is lifting. And since this article, things have unfolded exponentially across the globe. What a truly evil world this is. I am ready to meet Him in the air. Even so come Lord Jesus.

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