I think one of the things that has astounded me the most from the reports I receive from the Mideast, is the phenomenal response to the gospel of God’s love for the human race. As the chaos continues to escalate, the Christian missionaries are sought out even more for any help they can give, whether food, medicine, or a spiritual answer that Islam is not providing.

As most reading this update likely know, Russia is quickly getting entrenched within Syria and has joined in the fight, not only against ISIS, but also against any and all groups that threaten to topple the regime of Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad. Whereas the civil war was already devastating due to the many entities involved in the fighting, the entrance of the Russian Federation has brought a much more lethal military operation into the mix with its air force, its navy, and with thousands of tons of heavy military weaponry.

Although Iran has been involved in the war for some time, due to the release of billions of dollars from the West Iran is greatly increasing its participation in both Syria and Iraq. There are now negotiations in process between the government in Baghdad and the Russian military to also bring Russian forces into Iraq to deal with ISIS. Additionally, according to numerous news sources, China is now joining in the action as well. China has an aircraft carrier and at least one guided missile cruiser anchored off the Syrian coast, along with a full contingency of war planes.

Looking at the situation from a geopolitical perspective, it is becoming increasingly dangerous every passing day. The fuse for World War 3 has been lit, and some say the preliminary volleys have already been launched. It remains to be seen how it all unfolds. There are many other factors and participants that greatly complicate the situation, certainly not the least of which is the explosion of violence by the Palestinians within Israel which I will discuss in a separate article.

As mentioned above, in the midst of all this chaos, confusion, and death everywhere, there is a great harvest in process. The House of Blessing missionaries are scattered throughout Syria, Iraq, Iran, Kurdistan, and Jordan. There are many hundreds of small groups of underground believers meeting all over the Middle East. There is an increasing number of desperate people concerned over their very survival at this point, and they are looking for an answer that is not coming from Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Many of them have heard of the missionaries that preach a gospel describing the sacrificial love of the Creator Himself for His prize creation, mankind. In a world that has gone totally insane, this is a message of hope, where there is no hope! These people are easy to reach, and they are the most grateful people on earth, once they have experienced the matchless peace of God in their souls.

Mofidah and her “Widow Sisterhood” are working the areas where there have been battles and air strikes. This is where they find hundreds of wounded people. As I have described in past articles, God has gifted these women with a unique method of ministering to the wounded, especially those that are dying. In the last few days before I received my call from Pastor R*****, the widows had been able to be part of the harvest of well over 500 souls. These women do much more than just minister to the wounded and dying. They also help feed as many as they possibly can. Some of these widows also care for and teach children about Jesus. House of Blessing was able to get enough funds together in the last few days to get a truck load of wheat and medicine delivered to where Mofidah is located. She is presently ministering among about 20,000 refugees, hundreds of them badly injured.

As has been the case for a long time now, the United Nations cannot supply even the most desperate needs for even half of the refugees. As we have all prayed, God has been faithful to answer by multiplying the limited finances as they come in so as to keep multitudes of people alive long enough for them to hear the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of His Blood to forgive sin and provide the assurance of an eternity in God’s heaven. This is an assurance that Islam does not provide!

It saddens me, and once again Pastor R***** with a broken heart gave me the news that four of these brave widows lost their lives this last week. As happens so often, after there has been a bombing run, there are countless innocents that have been injured or killed. Mofidah and her band of widows run out to the injured, not paying any attention to what could happen next. Once again, a second bombing came, and four of the women were killed. We thank God that they are now in the presence of the Master, and they will never suffer again!

I also received news from Iraq. Brother Omar passed on the news that one incident cost the lives of at least 20 new believers, including some children. The homes of three new families of believers were blown up by homicide bombers. The price that is paid by these folks is something that the West, for the most part, has not had to deal with yet. That day may soon come…

The news from the HOB missionaries in Iran and Kurdistan has been encouraging. As is the case in most areas of the Middle East these days, people meet in small groups. I asked of news from Jordan. Pastor R***** told me that the widow of the first mullah reached has been going strong ever since her husband was martyred for his faith in Jesus, a little over three years ago. She and the other HOB volunteer missionaries and believers have been learning and teaching about the Blood of Jesus. HOB has distributed Part 10 of this crucial teaching and it is being taught all over the Mideast which has to do with “forgiveness”, and in an area where there is so much brutality and killing, only the Blood of Jesus can provide what is necessary to overcome, both the hatred and the guilt associated with past sins! Praise God for His goodness…and for the Power of His Blood!

I asked Pastor R***** how the sheikhs that just found the Lord as their Saviour are doing. He said it is exciting to see the transformation in their lives, and how they are now getting to the place where they are going to be able to reach the multitudes around them. God is so good!!

In closing this update, I want to again ask for your fervent and earnest prayer for these dedicated missionaries who live and minister on the front lines. They have given their all to do their part in fulfilling the Great Commission despite beatings, being shot, locked up for days in metal buildings, raped repeatedly, stoned, and so much more. Some have lost family members, including children of their own. We in the “free” world cannot imagine.

The dangers have never been greater, and the needs are enormous. Pastor R***** has been moved four times within these last eight days due to the volatility around his area. The dangers are great for all of the other believers and missionaries as well. Then there are the needs for wheat to make bread, medicines, clothing–especially with the brutal cold coming soon. Bibles are always needed, and by the thousands. There is an address below for those who would like to participate. To this date, I can still get funds to them quickly as they arrive at the post office box below. In saying all this, I know many in the West see the curtain coming down on our freedom and the economy. Yet, it is the One who owns it all Who sustains us! He will not leave His own alone or without His provision for the needs of the day!


Jake Geier

House Of Blessing;   P.O. Box 2093;   Redmond, OR. USA 97756


2 thoughts on “MIDEAST UPDATE, 10/13/2015

  1. Thanks again, Jake, for your faithfulness in these times, often reporting the sometimes painful truth without guarantee of an awakened and responding church. These stories sometimes seem almost fictional, they are so beyond our knowledge/experience base; but, others report the same things with like heart……http://www.christianaid.org/home/1/home.aspx. I am so grateful that I hear the heart of our Savior speaking through you all……and…..by His grace….when He returns……He WILL find faith on the earth.Luke 18:8

    1. Thanks so much! It truly is a blessing to be living in this time. Here we are, knowing that the call “Home” for true believers is imminent. We are another day closer than we were yesterday! Whatever we as believers are going to do as we finish this race, we need to do now…before it is too late to do so! I am reminded of Zephaniah 2:3: Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth; do judgment, and seek justice, and answer accordingly; that ye may be hid in the day of the wrath of the Lord. (Septuagint)


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