Many readers of the Mideast Updates on over the past 3+ years have heard what are commonly called “unbelievable” and “miraculous” stories of how God is using humble, unknown men and women to further His purposes and plans in these times.  All the stories of provision, protection, healings, and salvations, as well as death and martyrdom in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Jordan start and finish in a trusting faith that God is still working in and through his servants in ways that defy our own abilities to perform or to explain.  God is not confined to using only what we can account for in our flesh to perform His will.  We all know that! We also know that whenever and wherever God is working out His purposes, there will be fruit, there will be harvest, and He will receive glory.

The enemy of us all is enraged by that harvest and will attack in any way possible to destroy the workers in the fields, both physically and emotionally. He will do all he can to blind believers to the truth if it will cause them to not trust in the God of miracles. It is a sad but true fact that God’s work and victories will always be resisted by the enemy and, sometimes, by our own brothers or sisters in the Lord. When the enemy comes from the pit of hell, we know that the full armor of God is available and we can combat Satan’s weapons which will ultimately not prevail against us, and then we can stand. Sometimes, we must take our stand in the shadow of His wing until God directs a new path.

The enemy has used a familiar weapon against some of our readers and deceived some into assuming that “unbelievable” and “miraculous” stories which are not photographed or otherwise personally verified by themselves or by large well known ministries, must be untrue.  This weapon has not diminished God’s ability to continue His powerful miracles. The work of House of Blessing (HOB) missionaries to bring the saving knowledge of Messiah Jesus to as many as possible continues. And, they will continue to trust in and experience the miracles of healing, help and salvation until we are all called home. Have no doubt about that.

Pastor R has expressed to me that the work they are doing requires all of their strength, and strife between brothers and sisters does not advance the work of God that is HOB’s commission. While he has received demands to have all past and future Mideast Updates removed from my personal blog site, after much prayer and discussion with his team, he has decided that HOB’s commission to reach unsaved souls has also been carried out in people coming to the Lord via hearing these stories. This is his only goal—reaching souls no matter what. He has never been concerned about fund raising, only soul raising.  So, in order to not give offense to any readers who feel that the stories are misleading people to donate to HOB, he has decided that any future donations sent as a result of the blog site updates will be returned.  HOB will no longer receive monies generated via the Mideast Update on as it seems that the objections to HOB stories may be rooted in the potential financial impact these donations may have on other better-known ministries. However, the stories will continue as God works in the missionaries’ lives and their ministry. If God is impressing you to help other ministries which are pursuing His purposes, please give to them as He directs. As always, HOB will continue to rely on His provision only.

As an individual believer with no official connection to the leadership of House of Blessing, City of Jesus Ministry, I am personally convinced of the validity of every story written in these updates on my personal blog site and will continue to record the news that comes to me in personal phone conversations with Pastor R on a weekly basis.  At Pastor R’s direction, I will not mention any financial needs of the Ministry, or deposit any future funds for HOB after October 31, 2015.  Checks received after that date will be returned.

Please continue to pray earnestly along with me for Pastor R, Mafida and the Widow Sisterhood, Omar and all of the HOB missionaries. Join with me in paraphrasing 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5 (NIV) :  We pray for HOB Missionaries and Pastor R in particular that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with us. And we pray that they may be delivered from wicked and evil people, for not everyone has faith. BUT YOU, LORD, ARE FAITHFUL and we pray that You will strengthen and protect them from the evil one. We have confidence in the Lord that they are doing and will continue to do the things that You command. May the Lord direct their hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.  Amen and Amen!

A  new update will be posted within a day or two…


5 thoughts on “SPECIAL H.O.B. UPDATE

  1. I want to say to you and to Pastor R that reading the amazing things God is doing has been an encouragement and a blessing to all we have shared with. God is able and I am sorry that fellow Christians could think that any of this was for funding. God forgive us. May God provide out of His rich treasury for every need that Pastor R and Mofida have. and also the faithful servants at HOB. Thankyou for the prayer updates. I love recieve them.

    1. So sorry to hear about statements of criticism and unbelief that have risen as a result of this blog. While it is unfortunate, it is not surprising. But God will be faithful to His servants.

  2. I have always in the last 40 plus years not been denied by the american bibile society or any where
    else the privilege and commission from the Lord to provide Bibles to those who have none. Are
    you saying that the enemy was successful in smothering this avenue?

    1. The enemy ultimately loses. Sometimes we just have to adjust how and what we do. Gifts will continue being applied as designated…as before.

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