We live in a world where people are looking for heroes and even the supernatural. Many of the movies that are produced today play into the desires that people have. As humans, we find ourselves wishing we had access to the supernatural…usually for the wrong reasons. We wish we were capable of seeing things that the natural human eye cannot see. We wish we had strength beyond the limitations we were born with. The desire we have is not unnatural. Adam and Eve, when they were originally created, were capable of what we in our world today would consider supernatural.

The Bible is full of the “supernatural” from beginning to end. God, the beginning and end of everything, is a supernatural Being. As we read the Biblical account of human history, we find that God, in His sovereignty, in order to see His plans fulfilled, often chooses to intervene in the affairs of man. Sometimes this is through the use of His angels. There are many examples of angels being sent for God’s purposes in the Bible. Is there any reason why God may not send an angel in the form of a destitute man to see if Pastor R would provide him with what he needed, even though he only had one to his name and just a little food? This does not surprise me in the least. How many believers within the West have run across a homeless person whom they later realized was an angel in disguise? The Scriptures promise that angels will continue being part of man’s history forever. We find these words recorded in Hebrews 1:14:

…Are they (angels) not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?

I received an excited phone call on January 2 from Pastor R, telling me of a rather unique experience he had just had. This is his account as it was given to me: He said that he was inside of his tent, trying to stay out of the extreme weather. At this time, the rain was coming down hard and there was a considerable wind blowing as well. The rain and wind both continued getting worse, and all of a sudden, an extra strong gust of wind hit his tent, and it came completely loose and collapsed on top of him as he was sitting in his wheelchair. Pastor R sat there for three or four minutes, not wanting to call for help because he knew many people were having difficulties with the stormy weather and keeping their own tents up. Suddenly, as he was sitting there, the tent lifted back up on its own, with everything back in place, and all the fastenings in place! As he sat there totally mystified as to what had just happened, a small thin, half-dressed, blind man walked into his tent and called him by name. The stranger then asked Pastor R if he had any extra clothes and R offered him the one jacket he owned. The man put the coat on and immediately began to warm up. The stranger questioned R if he were not now going to be cold because he had given his jacket away. R just told him that he was used to the cold weather and it was not a problem. The man then asked if R had a little bit of food to spare. R had something to eat for lunch but had not really had any appetite. He gave his mystery visitor the food and the stranger ate it with a smile on his face. When R looked aside for a moment, then back again, the man had disappeared!  No human could move fast enough to disappear this fast! As Pastor R sat there, really dumbfounded now, one of the things he noticed was that the ground was totally dry where it had been drenched from the collapse of the tent! Note the photos below that were taken during this storm at the refugee camp!

2016 flooding 1 2016 flooding 6 2016 flooding 3

We might wonder what God’s purpose could be in doing something so strange and unusual. Any reason why not? When has God ever been bound by what we consider “normal?” As we read stories in the Bible, we find God giving some of the most bizarre instructions to His prophets or priests. We also find angels showing up whenever God intends them to, and for His own good reasons. The Bible says that we might often times entertain angels without knowing it. Sometimes in Scripture, the angels were not even seen by humans, but by the animals with them, as in the case of Balaam and his talking donkey.

Pastor R just had one thing to say about the incident. He said that they have seen such unusual events in recent times, that this really was not shocking. To him, it was just his Abba Father, once again confirming His love to His servant. I believe he is right! God loves us that much!

As to how the work of the ministry of the House of Blessing missionaries is concerned, the stupendous events begun in Fallujah, with the power of the Holy Spirit falling on the believers,  is spreading all around the Middle East. There are pockets of believers in different locations that are sharing communion together. As they partake of the communion, God is supernaturally healing scores of people of all types and kinds of diseases and maladies. The Spirit continues baptizing and empowering the new believers by the hundreds, depending upon how many are in attendance. The people are experiencing great joy and excitement, playing their tambourines, blowing on their horns, singing, and dancing. And all this, in the midst of some of the worst of circumstances.

As the work of the ministry goes on, there are always those who are paying the highest price. Once these folks have been touched by the love of God, they refuse to ever turn back no matter if it costs them their lives. Many of those that are killed are new believers who have been caught in the bombing runs. This is especially true where most of HOB’s widows are located. Sister Mufiedah and the women that are working with her really have their hands full. The refugee camp is overwhelmed with people who have lost everything. HOB is doing everything it can to help with this need. As the funds come available, wheat, blankets, mattresses, medicine, and Bibles are brought in. As some of the most desperate needs are met, the opportunities are wide open to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

The new teaching classes that have been started with new believers are continuing strong in all areas where they are located. This means there are hundreds of new missionaries being trained for ministry. The Lord of the Harvest is seeing to it that the Great Commission will be completed.

The feeling between Pastor R and the HOB missionaries is that the return of the Messiah is right at the door. Each of the missionaries knows that there is very little time left, and so are working every moment with that thought in mind.

There are many descriptions in the Book of Acts which sound very much like what is happening in the Middle East today. One of them is found in Acts 8:4-8:

Therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word. Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria and preached Christ to them. And the multitudes with one accord heeded the things spoken by Philip, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did. For unclean spirits, crying with a loud voice, came out of many who were possessed; and many who were paralyzed and lame were healed. And there was great joy in that city.

In the Middle East today, the things happening in Iraq are now also happening in Syria. What has spread into Syria, is now also happening in Kurdistan, Iran, and Jordan. Some of these same sort of stories are coming out of many places in the world. Our Messiah truly is right at the door!

Please keep the House of Blessing missionaries in your prayers. The conflicts in the Middle East are getting worse by the hour. One can easily see that a major Middle East war is brewing. The missionaries however are paying more attention to the needs of the people than to the escalating dangers.

2016 flooding 4 2016 flooding 2 2016 flooding 5

May God bless you abundantly as you pray for the HOB missionaries and the work of the Lord in the Middle East.

Jake Geier

House of Blessing;  3206 SW 45th Street;  Redmond, Oregon USA 97756


2 thoughts on “MIDEAST UPDATE, 1/5/2016

  1. Thank you, Jake, for the update and for the blessing it is to hear about and be involved with this great work of our God. Indeed, He is preparing His Bride, and soon he will call, “Arise, my darling; My beautiful one, come away with me!” Song of Sol. 2:10 He has captured out hearts by His ineffable love………please, relay our deep love to the brethren of HOB. Our prayers are that their faith and love may only multiply unto the Father’s glory. We covet the Spirit/unity in the bond/peace……..the Spirit and the Bride and all who thirst say, “Come.”

  2. Thank you Patty. I don’t think it will be too long now until we are all called HOME. We’re all looking forward to that day but are determined, with the Spirit’s help, to finish well!

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