Jesus had a way of doing things that often struck people as odd. One of these times was with a miracle He performed on a blind man in John 9:1-12. Here is how the account reads:

Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. And His disciples asked him, saying, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him. I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” When He had said these things, He spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva; and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay. And He said to him, “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam” (which is translated, Sent). So he went and washed, and came back seeing.

What we as humans see as a normal way of doing things is often challenged by the God who created us. Many miracles recorded in both Testaments of the Bible bring a big question mark to our minds. Often the means God uses to intervene into the affairs of men defy physical laws as we understand them. Other times, His actions defy what we see as “normal.” When Jesus spit on the ground, took His spit, rolling it into clay, and putting it into the blind eyes of this man, people had to have wondered, “What in the world is this man doing…and why in such an odd way?”

There is much that can be used here as teaching material, but it is worth mentioning that Jesus was not bashful about crossing the Pharisee’s man-made laws. He did it to get a reaction and teach a lesson. In this case, the Pharisees were so offended by the fact that Jesus was supposedly not keeping the sabbath that they completely missed the enormous miracle that had just been performed for this man who had been blind since birth!

How was Jesus breaking the sabbath? By making clay out of some spit and dirt! Jesus knew this would irritate them. He could easily have touched the man’s eyes, or even just said the word as He had at other times and healed this man. Yet, He “made clay”, which was considered “working” by the Pharisees. This was not God’s definition of working on the sabbath, it was one of the Pharisees’ man-made rules. Jesus mocked the religious rule by bringing about this astounding miracle though breaking their ridiculous man-made rule.

The reason I mention this odd way of performing something obviously miraculous, is because of one method God has chosen to use again and again amongst the Muslim people of the Mideast. Months ago I wrote the account of Mofidah and her widows being asked to come and pray for four Muslim sheikhs whose legs had been shot and badly injured.  They were told by doctors that there was no hope other than amputation due to gangrene that had set in with all four of the men. As Mofidah prayed by herself for a few minutes to hear what was the will of God in the situation, He answered by giving her a very unusual and disturbing method that He sovereignly chose to use for the healing of these men. As I have followed the ongoing ministry of Mofidah and the “Widow Sisterhood,” as we affectionately call them, this same “formula” has been used many times since, and with the very same amazing results. The news of what God has done through the these widows has brought many looking for the miracle. Recently, four women who were badly injured were prayed for by these widows and every one of them was healed.

I would like to share some caution here at this point. What God chose for Mofidah to use in ministry in His Name, is not a “formula” for others to use! God is a very personal God and chooses to deal with each of us in a very different way. Please do not copy what Mofidah and these courageous servants of the Lord GOD do. It would be a grave mistake. Even Pastor R*****, who is seen as a father to the House Of Blessing missionaries, does not copy the method God has given to them.

The most recent story that has reached me involves 18 Syrian soldiers who had sent word to Mofidah, requesting help.  Before doing anything else, Mofidah first went alone to pray and ask how God wanted her to respond. She had no way of knowing if this was a trap by the enemy. God answered and said she and some of her team of widows were to go. I do not know what the distance was to find these soldiers, but the women went to where they were. After talking with the soldiers for a few minutes, surveying what the situation was, Mofidah told them that she would pray for them if they had repented and allowed Jesus Christ to become the Lord of their lives. Their immediate answer was, “No! we are Muslims!”  She then told them she could not pray for them except by God’s specific instructions to her. He was the Healer, not she. After some time, three of the soldiers decided they had nothing to lose. If God could prove Himself powerful enough to heal them of their battle wounds, He was obviously powerful enough to be the LORD of all. The other 15 soldiers showed some confusion after the three made their decision, but they then also agreed to Mofidah’s terms. She and the other widows then prayed the “sinner’s prayer” with them, and all 18 men asked Jesus’ forgiveness of their sins. This all happened in front of quite a number of onlookers.

Mofidah then put together the same items she has been using for many months now. She took some water, mixed some flour and oil into the water, as well as some dust from the ground. She then gave each of the injured soldiers a stick to put in between their teeth and warned them that they would experience great pain but that God would heal them. These men had all sorts of war wounds, many of them major. There were broken and shattered bones, compound fractures, lacerations, shrapnel wounds, and of course infection that had set in. I don’t know if any had gangrene yet. Many had bullets that were still imbedded. Mofidah and her helpers poured the concoction on and into each wound and set the mixture on fire. The men of course immediately began to scream as anyone would from the pain. Most of them passed out. Some of them reportedly did not wake up for about 36 hours. The widows have been trained by Mofidah and have had to deal with all kinds of wounds for months now. Many locations where the bullets were still lodged had to be opened up so as to be able to get to the bullets and shrapnel. The women then removed bullets and or shrapnel and cauterized the openings. The men were then left in God’s hands for healing. The result was that all 18 of these Syrian soldiers were healed.  In addition, at least 20 onlookers who witnessed the healing of every single Syrian soldier, became believers in the One True Son of God. The soldiers then quit Bashar al-Assad’s army and decided they want to learn more about Jesus Christ, the true Messiah. They got rid of their uniforms and all of their weapons.  And so…the testimony of Jesus continues to spread! These soldiers also shared supplies with the widows to take to other refugees.

It is impossible for me writing the account as I have received it, as it is difficult for the reader to get the full picture of what really happens in these situations. There is nothing “normal” about the methods God has been using through the widows! Yet, after all these months, God has healed many hundreds. The widows have gone through many brutal battlefields, checking each and every body for life. Hundreds have asked Jesus to forgive them of their sins just minutes before leaving this mortal existence. Others, God has healed. Many of these people had wounds that no hospital could have helped with. There were also numerous cases when God chose to raise the dead!

Of course, there will always be the naysayers and scoffers. History has always shown this. Then there are those who feel their doubt is more legitimate than the reports coming from the eye-witnesses! But God sees all and, in the end, will judge all. I for one, am so thankful to have had the privilege of reporting to you, the reader, the wonderful things God is doing in a part of the world where it is very difficult to be a Christian!

Why does God choose to use this method for the healing ministry of these women? I really don’t know. I could guess at some of the reasons, but will not do so in this update. God has His reasons and they are always good reasons. There is much to be said for the purifying by fire, and God does purify many through the fire of affliction, but that cannot be used as a total answer for why God is doing this. Let’s just leave it for what it is at this point. It is obviously God because of the tremendous results that have come out of it. It has also brought much praise and glory to the Name of the LORD of the universe. Let’s just give Him the glory He deserves.

There are other events to be reported from this last week. The city of Tikrit, Iraq, has been the site of difficult fighting for weeks now. Many have died, including House of Blessing missionaries. Brother O*** said seven of the missionaries were killed because of the war itself, victims of a missile strike.  It is reported, however, that a great many souls were reached by these seven missionaries before they left this earth!  We have no way of putting a value on a soul. Yet, Jesus Himself sacrificed His life, not just for the whole world, but for every single person on this earth. These missionaries were more than willing to give their own lives in order for others to find the true Messiah.

At least 18 civilian families were killed due to what sounds like a “hellfire” missile shot into their location by one of Assad’s jets. Along with the families that died, three of Mofidah’s widows were also killed as they were ministering to these people. Once again, missionaries were willingly in danger’s way for the sake of the “Greatest Story Ever Told”– the story of the love of God when He became a man and was willing to die for the world.

Reports have also come in from other locations. Kurdistan is also experiencing heavy fighting, but in the middle of the chaos of war, many, many people are being reached. The story is the same in Iran. The brethren in Iran have reported that they are having to move carefully and much more slowly than they would like, but as they follow the leading of the Spirit of God, many Iranians are coming face to face with the true Messiah of the world. Praise God!

Each report comes with accounts of tragedy, but also great victory. For those of us living in relative safety and the remaining remnants of freedom, we need to keep the persecuted church in fervent prayer. It is the very least we can do!  Of course, financial help is also needed to get copies of God’s Word into the hands of people; an actual physical copy to read and study! As always, only as the Lord leads.

Thank you for reading, and God bless and strengthen you all,

Jake Geier

H.O.B. (House of Blessing);  P.O. Box 2093; Redmond, OR. 97756



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