Today, as I write this update, the Islamic month of Ramadan is nearing its close for 2015 in just six more days. As I spoke with Pastor R*****, founder of the House Of Blessing ministry in the Middle East, he was very excited to tell me of the great success the HOB missionaries have been experiencing as the Spirit of God tugs on the hearts of a great multitude of people. The harvest is truly extraordinary!

HOB’s volunteer missionaries made the absolute most of the time they had available. As has already been explained in earlier updates, the Holy Spirit has given HOB a different plan of ministry for this year’s month of Ramadan. Due to the month-long fast lasting from dawn to dusk, each missionary has been sharing a meal with a different family group each evening after the official Muslim fast is over for the day. These visits with people have often lasted until 2:00 – 3:00 am! The missionaries have shared many testimonies of the great hunger these people have for the Truth! They don’t care how late it gets as long as they are able to learn just a little bit more. As each day ends, the whole process starts once again! This reminds me of a passage in Ephesians which says this:

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is. (Ephesians 5:15-16, NKJV)

The group of widows led by Mofidah, known to most of us as “The Widow Sisterhood”, have also been extremely busy. They have also been making the most of the month of Ramadan using the unique strategy the Master has given for this month in 2015. At the same time however, Mofidah and a handful of her well trained women have continued ministering to the war-injured as they have done for so long now. Mofidah and four or five others working directly with her, have not only ministered to these folks, many of them being miraculously healed, but since the last update, they have prayed with over 200 who made the choice to become followers of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah! The redeeming of a soul is the greatest miracle of all.

Because the strategy for this Ramadan has worked so well this year, there were not nearly as many of the missionaries killed. There were, however, two male missionaries killed who worked directly with brother Omar in Iraq. Another brother named Khaled sent the names of the two men to the Jerusalem office, and it was then forwarded to me. Their names are Azmi and Jawddat. It is a blessing to be able to get their names so that we can all pray for their families as they grieve the loss of these brave men.

As I close this update, I again want to thank those who have been so faithful in their prayer support as well as financially. As many of you know who have followed the story of HOB for over three years as I have been writing these updates, the Lord promised right from the very beginning that He would sovereignly cause every single Bible purchased to bear fruit; in fact, each one would bear much fruit! This was a literal promise and has been fulfilled…literally! We also asked something additionally of the Lord. We asked that with each missionary that enters eternity, that at least 100 souls would be reached with each one. This has also happened, and continues to happen! We serve a great God!

Pastor R***** made a special point of mentioning that when they run out of Bibles to distribute, they make copies of teachings they have received in the past which include extensive Scripture passages. This way, even though most of the people don’t have a copy of the complete Bible in their possession, they at least have many printed out Scriptures to read and memorize. God’s Word is just as much alive printed out on paper as it is within a complete copy of the Scriptures. What a blessing it is to be able to link hands and hearts with our brethren halfway around the world (at least from some of us)! Our Father has certainly blessed us all as we witness the amazing things that He has done with this small missionary work! It is a great blessing that we all are given the privilege of participating in whatever way God draws us to help.


Jake Geier

House Of Blessing;   P.O. Box 2093;   Redmond, OR 97756


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