This is Part Two of a story written four years ago that many current readers may never have read. The first part of this story reprinted a few days ago had to do with a man named Nabil who had formerly been a Muslim head-sheikh before becoming a believer in Jesus Christ. The second part of the story which you will find reprinted below, has to do with his widow, Mufiedah. She became the beloved leader a group of widows we affectionately named the “Widow Sisterhood four years ago.” These brave women are today scattered all across the Middle East doing a vital and unique work for our soon coming Messiah.


My GOD’s Not Dead, He’s Surely Alive!

Living On The Inside, Roaring Like A LION!

(News Boys Lyrics)

I am anxious to share with you the continuing story of Nabil that you read about just this week.  As mentioned in the earlier posting, Nabil’s wife fled after witnessing their son killing his father for his belief in Jesus.

During our weekly call this morning, R**** told me that Nabil’s son was able to track down his mother and brought her back to the mosque where he had killed his father earlier.  He had gathered 400 other Muslins to the mosque to witness either his mother’s recantation of her conversion to Christ, or to witness her death at his hand.  His stated purpose was to prove his worth to Allah.

Several of us have been praying fervently that this son would come to know the Truth and Love of Christ, leading him to ask and receive the forgiveness that saves us all.  Sadly, these prayers were not answered as we had hoped.  Yet God, who is a God of Justice as well as Mercy, spoke clearly and loudly in this situation.

Nabil’s widow was brought to the front of the mosque and hung on the wall as her son demanded she deny Christ so that Allah would accept her back.  He told her that if she did not do so, he would kill her there, very slowly, in front of all these witnesses.  But the Grace of God was alive in her and she told her son that she would never, could never, deny Christ because she had found true life in Him and she would never turn from that.  With that, with the full support of the crowd he had gathered, her son, whose name was Mohammed, began to beat her as she was pinned to the wall.

As she was in this seemingly hopeless situation, she could do nothing but pray.  As she prayed however, the Spirit of the Lord rose up within her and strength came to her from the Lord Himself.  As Mohammed demanded that she repent of her becoming an infidel, she spoke up and said, “No Mohammed, YOU need to repent!  Allah is NOT God, and one way or another you will come to recognize this!”

This humble widow then told him that he should be very careful because it could be that God would deal directly with him!

Then, as Mohammed and the gathered crowd decided that his mother was not going to “repent” and should be executed, she said she heard a very loud noise and saw the whole mosque begin to disintegrate before her very eyes.  As she was still pinned to the wall, a wall of fire suddenly surrounded her, protecting her from the hellish inferno in the rest of the building.  She felt no pain and was not injured by the tremendous heat, but rather stood there in awe as everything in front of her disintegrated into ash.  The entire structure, wood, stone, the entire crowd of people, and her son Mohammed were incinerated before her eyes as she stood protected by the wall of fire!  In place of the mosque there was now a crater in the ground.

Kahlid, a missionary who forwards photos to me quite often, was in the street and heard the tremendous explosion.  As he ran toward the mosque, Nabil’s widow came walking out of the billowing smoke!

She then insisted on being taken directly to Pastor R****’s tent where she told this story herself.   Hundreds of people witnessed the mosque being destroyed.  Whether it was a gas explosion, or a missile strike, or a supernatural destruction, the Hand of God was responsible for her survival and the spread of her witness to His Power and Protection.  Pastor R**** was told that it was like a bomb going off.  Considering the timing of what happened inside the mosque, it leaves little doubt that it was sovereignly timed by the God of Heaven and earth, no matter what set the explosion off.  A strong statement needed to be made, and His statement stood uncontested by anyone!  Allah was humiliated before his followers, and many have already turned their lives into the hands of the Messiah Jesus as of this event.  There will be multitudes more!  This woman has now become a powerful testimony, not only of the loving grace of God but also of His absolute power, glory, and unquestionable sovereignty.

I cannot help but think of some of the Old Testament stories I have always been intrigued with.  Elijah was being hunted by soldiers, and one after another each company of 50 soldiers was consumed by fire when they tried to capture Elijah until God told Elijah to go with the third company.  God also protected Elijah on Mount Carmel when he confronted evil King Ahab and his assortment of 850 false prophets of Baal and Asherah.  God’s fire came down in a flash and consumed the sacrifice, the water, and all of the stones—right before the eyes of every observer!  Then there is the story of the three Hebrew men in Daniel who were thrown alive into Nebuchadnezzar’s super-heated furnace because they would not bow before anyone but the only true God, Jehovah.  They walked around in the middle of the fire and did not even have the smell of smoke on them when they were freed!

Zechariah 2:5 reads:  “And I myself will be a wall of fire around it, declares the Lord, and I will be its glory within.” This is of course a scripture having to do with Jerusalem, but God has been an uncontested fire around His own many times throughout history.  It just happened one more time!

Once again, uncounted numbers of people are coming to faith in Messiah!

Once again, we are witness to His moving in power in the Middle East.

Once again, we thank Him for His life in us and the mighty power of the Lion of the tribe of Judah!

God Bless, and Keep Looking Up,

Jake Geier


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