There has not been much new news about Pastor R, but he did come through the surgery well, and as of last night was resting well. Recuperation will of course take some time. As of yet, I don’t know details of the emergency surgery that he had to have. As soon as I have any news at all, I will write another quick update. Until then, we’ll continue trusting the One who is never caught off guard with anything. The Lord watches over us all with great care.

“We thank you Abba Father for your great love for us all. We thank you also for seeing to it that Pastor R was able to get the emergency surgery quickly. We also thank you that you answer prayer. Because of that, and the fact that you have instructed us to come to the throne of grace boldly, we now lift Pastor R before you and ask you to raise him up quickly. We ask that the power of the Holy Spirit will flow through him in great healing power. Your Word teaches us that it is by your stripes that we are healed. May the mighty Blood of Jesus heal and restore him quickly so that he can get back to doing what You have called him to. Thank you, Father…

God Bless You All,



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