Greetings all  in the Name of Jesus:

I just learned that Pastor R has had a heart attack and urgent prayer is needed from us all. I do not know details as of yet, but as most know, he is in the Damascus metropolitan area.

At this time, it is crucial we hold him up in earnest prayer. Pastor R has struggled with heart issues for as long as I have known him, but our God has sustained him. The answer why there has not been a total healing is something only the Lord knows, but we know He is able and this is what we will believe our Lord for. It is by the mighty power of Jesus Name, and the power of His Blood that healing has been made available. We know from many places in the Word of God that we are to pray for the sick, so boldly we will now approach God’s Throne with this need.

Today, I will be going to the border of Syria, and, facing Damascus along with a good friend and brother in the Lord, will continue in my own personal prayer for our brother, Pastor R. Thank you and I will let you know as I receive more details.

Always in His Service,

Your brother,



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