In Part 6 of this series I outlined the “Blue Beam Project.” I know that for many people the content may have been hard to swallow, but the facts that have become available leave us at least needing to allow for its eventual revelation to the public–even if in a clandestine way.

Finding real truth in our day is becoming more and more of a challenge. This is not to say that “truth” isn’t readily available, because it is. The pure unadulterated truth is found in the Bible, but the enemy of our souls is doing everything in his power to discredit it, or heap layer upon layer of deception over it so that people miss the truth on account of the error that gets added to the mix. Years ago, Walter Martin, a well known theologian, called it the “satanic sandwich.” A little truth put together with some deception, then another morsel of truth, and then some heretical distortion, all in the same sandwich. This is exactly what happened when the serpent approached Eve in the Garden. He left Eve with some of the truth God had spoken, but then distorted much of the rest. He got Eve to distrust what God had told her and Adam. When that happened, she fell for the serpent’s lie, and, we know the rest of the story.

The serpent’s attempt to detour the human race away from real truth is hitting a fever pitch in our day. He knows his time is very short and he intends to accomplish all of the evil he has planned. A great part of that evil of course has to do with deceiving God’s prize creation, mankind. As I’ve pointed out many times, this is the job of the first Apocalyptic Rider.

In this article, I would like to tackle a subject that is being brought to prominence today like never before. As we read in our Bible, God created mankind and everything in creation that one can or cannot see. The enemy of our soul would do anything to convince us that there is no Creator God–even though he himself knows the truth quite well. A slick theory that is taking many by storm theorizes that mankind as we know it is really the product of ancient star people coming to earth, taking the Neanderthal and genetically crossing him with the superior race of star people in order to create a hybrid slave race. According to this theory, we are these hybrids!

Supposedly, this is what is found in some of the ancient Sumerian texts, and now that we are on the brink of the end of the age, the human race is being prepared to accept the return of the “gods” that are supposed to have “created” us. For those of us who are well grounded in our faith, this is ridiculous, but to those who are not, it sounds quite possible, in fact, it sounds legitimate.

Below, I will provide some excerpts that are being used to mislead many people in our time. Our educational system is infiltrated with an army of emissaries of the fallen one, and great effort is being put into taking our youth. Our colleges and universities are also full of professors and highly trained instructors who have great pride in themselves and the intellect they claim. Most today arrogantly scoff at the Almighty. Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, is infamous for his proclamation that “God is dead!” In fact, there was a well-known billboard in New York City with Nietzsche’s quote on it and his signature at the bottom. One night, someone climbed up to the billboard and exchanged the two names, leaving it saying, “Nietzsche is dead!” (signed) GOD. I think that kind of sums it up!

One of the many articles I ran into in my research was written by Jeffrey Pritchett, and it contained large portions of an interview with Chris H. Hardy Ph.D. Chris Hardy was asked his perspective of the Anunnaki’s creation of Eve or “Tiamat. Here is the “history” he had to offer:

As Nibiru, a nomad or rogue planet, was attracted in the gravitation field of our solar system and started to orbit our sun, a group of Nibirians, led by Enki, son of the king Anu, settled on Earth in search for gold–to spray the gold particles in their upper atmosphere and thus repair their damaged ozone layer. They became known as the Anunnaki, i.e. the ones who came down from Heaven / Nibiru (An) to Earth (Ki). The Epic of Creation (Enuma Elish) gives an exact description of the planets, the orbits of which they crossed while approaching the Sun and Earth (including the major moons of Jupiter and Saturn), a wealth of information that has been corroborated only with the Voyager space probes (1979-1989). The waves of arriving colonists were put to work in the gold mines in South Africa in such terrible conditions that eventually they revolted against the Commander of Earth, Enlil, half-brother of Enki and legal heir of Anu. Enki, the head scientist in material sciences, then proposes to the Assembly of the Gods to create a worker (lulu, or Man) to carry on the workload and that his sister Ninmah (head scientist in life sciences) will perform the genetic engineering of a hybrid species, mixing their own genome with that of an earth-born bipedal hominid. Assisted by Enki, Ninmah set to work in southeastern Africa; her first successful creation was Adamu/Adam, around 300,000 years ago according to the tablets, corresponding with the sudden mutation of Homo Erectus, a stable species since 1.9 million years who mutated to Homo Sapiens between 400,000-200,000 thousands years ago.  Ninmah immediately engineered some clones to work in the mines, then she kept upgrading the genome to create Tiamat/Eve and female clones. As genetic donors, Adamu and Tiamat are revered and they are raised by their Anunnaki ‘parents.’ At that point Enlil demands that the wondrous First couple be brought to him in ‘Edin’ (Sumer) and install them next to Enki’s property at the east of Edin, in a kingly garden that featured, among other fruit trees, a “Tree of Knowing” and a “Tree of Immortality” (like the garden of his father the King Anu on Nibiru).  The identification of Tiamat as Eve is based on many similarities between the Sumerian (and Mesopotamian) texts and the Book of Genesis, such as in names (Adamu/Adam, Edin/Eden…), in the presence of the two trees, in identical symbols (Enki’s symbol is the “Serpent of Wisdom”), and in the near similar events occurring, but with a definite twist stemming from the addition of a moralistic outlook in the Genesis text, more recent than the Sumerian tablets by at least two millennia.”

This is a good place to stop and look at at least some of this interview and the detail that Dr. Hardy brought into the conversation. First of all, we notice that the materials come from ancient documents coming out of Sumer. These are said to be some of the oldest documents in the world. This alone will convince many that they must be genuine. Here’s a thought, and I know it’s a rather simple one, but since we know that Satan is a liar, and has been a liar from the beginning of his interaction with the human race, what’s to say that he didn’t arrange for these documents to be written long ago and buried so that they would be found in our terminal generation? We know that his goal was to destroy God’s prize creation, mankind, and thereby accuse God of failure with his prized creation! How far do you think a powerful and very intelligent, but incredibly evil being like the fallen Lucifer is willing to go in his game?

It is quite interesting how the names Adam, Eve, and even the Garden of Eden were, according to Dr. Hardy, variations derived from the ancient Sumer documents. No thought offered that it may have been the other way around! We know that the prophet Moses was the one to pen the first five books of the Bible, including Genesis, the story of the creation of man. Dr. Hardy does not even consider the fact that Moses may have been the one with the original story! Interesting. We know that some earliest descendants of Adam and Eve ended up in what became known as Sumer. The most famous, however, built a name for himself after the Great Deluge. This was King Nimrod who we will discuss in future articles.

Again, we notice other similarities of the supposed Sumerian text and the Genesis account. There is the Garden of Paradise and the two most important trees. Who copied whom? I think it is fascinating that they are so close in name and purpose! Who other than the Almighty Creator God would know those trees better than the fallen Lucifer himself? Lucifer knew them well, I am sure. He also knew the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,” and the command God had given not to touch its fruit. It was there, at that very tree, that the fallen one twisted God’s words, and led the first couple into disobedience to their Creator God, bringing this whole conflict about that the human race faces today!

Here’s another thought: The quoted interview mentions the trip the “Anunnaki” made as they traveled into our Solar System, marking the planets and even the major moons of the Solar System’s largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn. In other ancient documents that I’ve read, mention is made of the spaceships of the Anunnaki traveling through the Asteroid Belt which is located between Mars and Jupiter.  Here’s my thought on this: The fallen Lucifer was completely aware of the creation of God. The Bible tells us that the angels in heaven celebrated this creation. We know that angels have knowledge of the universe which we have very limited knowledge of. Even back in the day of the prophet Enoch, which was the 7th from Adam, there was knowledge of the planets and star systems. Enoch was apparently given knowledge of things that none have seen to this very day. Many discount the writings of Enoch and say that they are not trustworthy, and I understand why. Some of it was corrupted, but the Lord has also now seen fit to open up some of the knowledge that was given to this ancient prophet. I believe that the Holy Spirit is able to show us what is genuine and what is corrupted. The prophet Enoch’s prophecies span 5,000 years of human history in advance and then reach into the Millennium and even into the eternal realm. The early church included Enoch’s writings in their accepted Biblical canon. It was not removed from what was accepted until after the early church. Be that as it may, there is reference in Enoch’s writings that much of what he had to write was intended for the last generation. That is you and I! Enoch’s writings were again discovered among the Dead Sea scrolls, and so have gained quite a bit of attention since. My reason for bringing Enoch up in this article has to do with the knowledge of our Solar System and the constellations around us that he had. Enoch was given knowledge of them, and if he was given knowledge of them, and we already know that the heavenly angels have this knowledge, why would not also the fallen ones have this same knowledge? They did in fact, have this knowledge.

Just a little more commentary on the claims of these ancient writings by the “Anunnaki”, through their Sumerian authors. I find it rather interesting to note that the “upgrading” process was done through the genetic hybridization of “Tiamat”, or Eve, and not “Adamu” or Adam. Could this be the very embryo of the Feminist movement? I realize I’m walking on treacherous ground in our day and age, but take another look at how the Anunnaki history records it in the quote above! We know that the evil one has nothing but death, destruction, and trouble designed for the human race. What works better than causing a rift between the sexes? What works better than taking the lofty design built into the loving enjoyment designed by the Creator of mankind for sex between a loving couple, and turn it into a religious whoredom for the sake of worship to the gods? We find both in the supposed historical line found in the Sumerian writings.

The competition between the sexes has been an ongoing issue since the fall of man. Cultures have gone from one extreme to another in this competition. Historically we find much abuse of the female in many cultures, and it has not subsided in our day. But, at the same time, militant “feminism” has raised its ugly head as well. Both are wrong, but settling this issue is not what this article is all about.

Throughout history, sex has been used in paganism to adulterate God’s original creation. How many “religions” use the abuse of sex as a means of “worship”?  Often it is in brutal, destructive, and ultimately horrific–often deadly ways. Other times it is used in pagan worship by offering male and female temple prostitutes for the sake of “worship,” and celebrating the “gods.” Who are these “gods”?  Could they be the fallen ones themselves? This sexual distortion was not the design of our Creator God but rather the fallen Lucifer who has nothing but destruction and death in mind for the entire human race. I find it interesting to note that the last part of the quote above says that the Genesis text gives a “moralistic outlook” that is at least 2,000 years newer than the Sumerian text.

I also find it enormously interesting that “Enki’s” symbol is the “Serpent of wisdom!” This is what it seems Eve became convinced of or she would never have been deceived. The Genesis account tells us that Adam was not deceived with the same lie, but chose to eat of the “fruit”–whatever it was, anyway. I suppose he didn’t want to lose his soul-mate, even if it meant a break in his relationship with his Creator. Sad!

Let’s continue a little farther with the interview between Jeffery Pritchett and Dr. Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D.:

The question was asked of Dr. Hardy what he meant in his materials that the god who created us in not the same god that expelled us from the Garden of Eden. Here is his answer.

“Ninmah and Enki, with the help of the son of enki that we now call Hermes, performed a new DNA upgrading in the Edin, this time on the living organisms (under anesthesia) of the adolescent First Couple, by grafting on them their own bone marrow. This upgrading brought Tiamat and Adamu up to the intellectual stage of self-consciousness (self-reference in cognitive terms) and gave them procreative abilities as well. This upgrading was consistent with Enki’s and Ninmah’s secret plans that had been, from the start, to create a “civilized Man” able to carry on the torch of their human species and civilization on Earth, envisioning that in the long-term humanity would be able to take the lead when themselves would be a decadent and dying species.

“This chirurgical actwas done in the Edin/Eden (aka Sumer), but without Enlil’s knowledge and approval, thus running contrary to his long-term plans, supported by the vote of the Assembly of the gods, that were to create a slave barred from becoming knowledgeable and immortal. We see on a revealing Sumerian depiction that Tiamat, ahead of Adamu, has not only been able to make herself a loin-cloth, but that she has built a makeshift table presenting a neat geometrical grid of wooden sticks (exemplifying her new rational abilities). On the same depiction, we see that when Enlil, Commander of Earth, discovered that upgrading, he became so enraged as to put his half-brother, whose emblem was the Serpent of wisdom (in fact the two entwined snakes that he will pass on to his son Hermes), in tethers, until the Assembly decides to free him of course. Enki in tethers is accompanied by his snake symbol and the sumerian pictorial words “Buzor,” meaning “knower of secrets.” Overreacting, Enlil expels the First couple from Sumer, and they will be taken back to the “Land of Creation” in southeastern Africa.”

Let’s pause again to look at the statements above. Now, supposedly by these ancient Sumerian writings, the brother and sister combo, Enki and Nimnah brought their new “creation” up to the intellectual stage of self-consciousness as well as pro-creative abilities as well. So, according to this, part of the brood of Anu crossed their half brother Enlil (the heir son to Anu’s throne and Commander of Earth), and upgraded their creation beyond what he had ever intended. Does that sound anything like Enki and Ninmah are really the good guys in this story, and Enlil, the overly-dictatorial overlord heir over his underlings, is the bad guy? Hmmm. So, the “civilized man” was not created by Enlil but rather by Enlil’s half brother and sister as well as including “Hermes,” a son of Enki. Hermes as you may or may not know is listed as the son of Zeus in Greek mythology. The Greek storyline also carried into Roman mythology.

You might also notice in the comments by C. H. Hardy that Enlil never intended the “slave race” to become knowledgeable or immortal, whereas by the support of the godhead, the opposite happened. What a twist we find here on the creation account we have received from Moses through the Holy Spirit. The lying Snake laid the groundwork millennia ago for the confounding of the human race and it has been believed by many ever since. Now we find ourselves at the conclusion of this dispensation of God’s timetable and the lie is climbing to a new zenith in preparation for playing a major part in the “Great Delusion” that the Bible tells us about.

As you will also notice, the enraged Enlil (son of the father god Anu) tethered Enki whose symbol was the Serpent of Wisdom, until the council of the gods would set him free.  Also, according to the storyline, the overreaction caused the first couple to be thrown out of Sumer’s paradise. So, according to this we are to believe that the Genesis story is once again a distortion of the original ancient Sumerian texts and what the Bible has said was evil had really been good, and what the Bible said was a just judgment of Adam and Eve as well as the Serpent in the Biblical storyline was really an overreaction. And many are believing this today.

One of the so-called experts in the field was Zacharia Sitchin, who passed away in 2010. He had the reputation of being an expert in many ancient Middle East languages including Sumerian. He however also had the claim of being a biblical expert in Israel prior to his settling in the USA. Sitchin was not hampered with some of the age old scientific barriers which included the acceptance of other intelligent civilizations in the universe. He also felt that since our Solar System is of a medium age, that there were bound to be many exo-civilizations who would be enormously more advanced technologically than us.

Sitchin prescribed to the “Ancient Astronaut” theory, meaning that the human race on earth today was likely spawned by ancient intelligences from space. Whether he believed this before he was supposed to have read the Sumerian texts or afterwards, I don’t have any knowledge of. When Dr. Hardy was asked about Sitchin, he said this:

“Sitchin took the 3500 years old tablets’ accounts for real, when the Anunnaki stated they had given a kick to our human evolution. The presuppositions of the old paradigm were that a whole civilization came into being suddenly in Sumer about 4,000 years ago, full-blown with the ecliptic divided in 360 degrees and 12 constellations, historical records of the Anunnaki wars and the lines of kings and queens in main cities, mathematics and geometry, metal mining and forging, writing and a form of printing, cities with gorgeous gardens and irrigation canals, complex architecture and art, garments and jewelry, poetry, law-code, etc. These ingrained assumptions made the majority of translators wholly unable to grasp aspects of the Anunnaki integral science, namely their space technology, genetic engineering capacities, and diamond-size computers monitoring whole infrastructures.”

The farther one goes into this interview; in fact, the farther one follows the whole “Ancient Astronaut” theory, the more the obvious contrast is between the Sumerian texts and what was recorded by Moses in the Genesis account. For those of us who have a living relationship with the God who created us, it is quite easy to see which account is in error, but for someone who has no belief in the Almighty God Creator of the Bible, it is tempting to consider the account given by the ancient Sumerians, because it is being offered as an alternative to what many consider to be a myth in the Biblical creation story.

Another question posed to Dr. Hardy was this: “Would you go into suppressed sexuality through the ages and how Eve took the blame for it all?”  This was his response:

“As an ethno-psychologist having studied ancient cultures and religions, it’s crystal clear that the more you go back in time and the more sexuality is held as sacred and revered…And finally, the sexual organs themselves are deemed sacred because they represent the divine life-forces of the universe, creative and at work, such as in the “Shiva Lingam” and “Shakti Yoni” in Hinduism.  Furthermore, many eastern religions, as well as ancient shamanic religions, have a path of knowledge based on sacred sexuality, or Tantra, its highly spiritual goal being to attain the perfect state of unity and fusion with the cosmic consciousness and an inner realization of one’s full potentials. As for Sumer, not only the Anunnaki had a free and rather exuberant sexual and emotional life, but when Inanna, grand-daughter of Enlil, became “the first among the gods” and reigned as the Queen of Earth for a whole cycle, she was the one to start the ritual of the sacred marriage (sacred sexuality) in her own temple in Akkad. In this ritual, a goddess (herself) or a High Priestess would mate with an outstanding earthling man, thus starting bloodlines of the future kings and queens, High Priests and Priestesses of Sumer and Akkad. This custom was later adopted in the temples of many gods and goddesses, and we have traces of it not only in the celtic feast of fecundity Beltane (during which many a Celt king and great Knight was born), but also in the more ancient Mystery cults in Egypt and Greece.”  

Dr. Hardy goes on to say:

“So that, when we ponder the fact that very ancient Sumerian texts describe how Enlil expelled the First Couple from Edin, we can’t consider for one second that the reason for his fit of rage would be that he deemed sexuality a sin. The reason, veiled but still worded out in the Book, was the fear, all along and until after the Deluge, that the new humanity would come to compete with them, the Anunnaki lords. Sexuality as a sin, as well as the Serpent symbol as satanic, are recent creations of the patriarchal era that saw religion switch from a family of gods to a sole deity, male, and increasingly more remote from us poor humans.  And that’s how Eve took the blame, the adolescent girl at a pre-rational stage of development, wholly unable, in all logics, to distinguish good from bad before she ate the fruit of knowing good and evil, and yet accused of the evil deeds that men living millennia later projected on her. That projection made women live in hell for two dozen centuries afterwards.”

I would like to comment a bit at this point. Once again we see a great contrast between the pagan culture that was infecting the earth after the fall of man and the continuing conscience of those who still paid attention to and chose to obey the Creator’s original design for marriage, including sex. What God designed originally was perfect and pure. What the fallen one brought to the human race was a distorted, chaotic, and vulgar aberration which took the beauty of the Almighty’s original creation and twisted its design, its beauty, and its perfection, into a perverted paganism that carries through to this very day.

As far as Eve having been wrongly blamed for something she could not have helped… this is a distortion as well. Eve was deceived, for sure. The Bible tells us this, but she also knowingly disobeyed God’s explicit command–as did Adam. Adam and Eve were the most intelligent of the human race, having been created perfect and without effects of the curse which came down upon them as well as the entire planet after their fall. They had 100% use of the brain God created within them. That is not a brag that any of us can make today!  And, there was no lack of understanding of what God’s command was concerning the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

There is little arguing that there has been a conflict between men and women for much of the last 6,000 years since Adam and Eve were created in the Garden of Eden. We know this from history. Often, this battle has left females badly mistreated because they were created the weaker sex. In our day, there is a strong unnatural feminist movement which attempts to reverse this. There are many effects that this movement is having which are detrimental to a normal society. The traditional family is gradually disintegrating–not just because of any feminist movement, but due to other sexual aberrations that are being labeled normal. The fallen human nature desires control and is selfish, and does not want to be told what to do–not even when it concerns those things that enable the human race to survive. The percentage of young people considering marriage is becoming less and less. Pleasure, career, control over one’s future, and science making it possible to have children without the aid of a male, are all factors in this trend.

Psychologist Dr. Chris Hardy said that because of the fact that sexuality was considered sacred, there were practices set in motion within many of the temples which included mating between some of the “gods” and outstanding human specimens. This sounds very much like what is described in the Biblical account in Genesis 6.

One of the points made in this interview was to describe the rage of Enlil and his subsequently throwing the first couple out of the garden. Hardy said that his rage couldn’t have been because he considered sexuality a sin. The robust sexuality, the celebration of sex, and the male and female sexual organs being considered sacred, made it clear that this is not what Enlil was so furious about. According to Hardy, the anger had to do with a fear that the “upgraded creation” would eventually compete with their lords for power and control.

The psychologist went on to say that sexuality being seen as a “sin” and the Serpent symbol as satanic, are creations of the patriarchal era that saw religion switch from a family of gods to a sole deity, male, and increasingly more remote from us poor humans. And that is how the ‘pre-rational’ adolescent girl Eve took the blame for the fall of mankind (as supposedly taught by the Bible), men using this as a way of blaming the female gender for the next two millennia, thereby causing women to live in a hell on earth for two dozen centuries afterward.

As we touch on even just a few of the concepts brought up in this interview and the supposed translation of ancient works, we find the carefully crafted twisting of the original story by the fallen cherub himself. It has been effective. Unfortunately, it is becoming even more effective in today’s intellectual world than ever before in history. Why is this?  There is a passage found in Romans 1 that explains it quite well. Verses 18-25 read like this:

The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

“For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.

“Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised. Amen.”

Dr. Hardy was asked about the story of Noah and the deluge–specifically, what is or is not accurate about the Biblical account.  Here is what he had to say:

“Sticking to his visionless plans of the lulus (man) remaining slave workers, Enlil, the Commander of Earth, got enraged by the multiplication of the human race and especially by the Igigi / Nephilim (the Anunnaki astronauts working on the space station in orbit and that of Mars) who, following their chief Marduk, had claimed the right to have spouses and families, and decided to marry women earthlings. (Marduk, son and heir of Enki, had indeed fallen in love with the earthling daughter of a High Priest, and got the assent of his parents for marrying her.) The Atra-Hasis Epic recounts that Enlil made two dire attempts at getting rid of humanity, the first one by a pandemia and biological agents, and the second through drought and starvation, and that both failed by virtue of the intervention of enki. Undeterred, Enlil planned to achieve his goals at the next perigee of Nibiru, because some scientists had calculated that the planet would pass so close to Earth as to create a massive gravitational pull, and a world-wide tsunami and deluge that, in all probability, would erase all life on Earth. Enlil assembled the royal family and obliged them to swear to not disclose the fact of the coming cataclysm to the earthlings. Enki, as hard as he tried to avoid it, was forced to give his word but, intent on saving the seed of humanity, he will warn his beloved disciple and blood son, the king Ziusudra / Noah, and instruct him in constructing a submersible–the Ark–, while Ninmah will gather a databank of the genomes of animals and plants. Another gruesome fact is that, ahead of the cataclysm, all full-blood Anunnaki were offered by Enlil to either go back to Nibiru or else orbit around the Earth until the water recedes. Yet, he adamantly forbade that the wives of the Igili, as well as all their children, get onboard the spaceships and be saved; Marduk pleaded in vain for saving the life of his beloved and his men’s families. Most of the Anunnaki royals stayed in orbit and came back. We may assume that Marduk and the Igigi (bypassing again the tyrannical orders) hid their families on the base on Mars that he had been the one to build with his father in the first place.

“In the light of this ghastly and appalling Sumerian account of the plagues and Deluge as a means to obliterate humanity, it becomes crystal-clear that Enlil’s overriding aim and sole ‘moral’ code had been all along to preserve the purity of the Nibirian race.”

Once again we have quite the fanciful stories, especially in light of how much they resemble the Old Testament accounts. Yet, as I’ve expressed before, the thing that concerns me the most is that the Sumerian version of creation, as well as the story of Noah’s flood, and the history of mankind in the early millennia, are being presented by much of the intelligentsia as a much more probable historical explanation to the beginnings of the human race as we know it, than what we find recorded in the Bible.

For those of us that have an intimate relationship with God, our Creator, we see something like the ancient Sumerian texts as a twisted legendary pagan version of the genuine account recorded by the divine inspiration of the God of creation through men and women who recorded it as God gave it to them. Unfortunately, the harder man insists on leaving the God of creation out of His own creation, the more twisted the storyline becomes which he will believe in its stead. What is really disturbing is how many of those who know better are beginning to believe the lie of the Serpent. The fallen Lucifer gets great satisfaction in leading fallen man to his destruction, but he gets a greater satisfaction yet at being able to dismantle the belief system of those who have a relationship with their Creator God. I have run across a number of well educated “Christians” who are now quite confused as to what the “real” story is.  Is it the Sumerian version or is it the Biblical version? This really concerns me because the pressure being applied by the evil one to destroy or at least distort Truth is ramping up, and very quickly. This is another proof of the fact that time has run out with our generation. The world is not coming to an end, but there is an undeniable dispensation change imminent. God has given us specific signs in His Word that He has intended this generation to recognize. We are foolish if we do not!

Here in the segment just quoted above, Dr. Hardy points out that the “god” who caused the Great Deluge had tried twice to wipe out the human race. He is portrayed as a “god” who is ruled by a great evil jealousy and is controlled by his bad temper. According to Hardy, the translation of this ancient text shows that the only reason the human race survived was because of the rebellion of other “gods” that dared to defy the decree of Enlil.

The fallen one would love for us to believe that it was he who intervened on behalf of the human race, and by his rebellion against God’s temper tantrum, saved the human race from sure and complete destruction! Amazing…

Also, according to the Sumerian storyline, Enlil, knowing that Nibiru, or Planet X, as many know it today, was due for a very close pass by the planet Earth in its long 3600 year elliptical orbit around the sun. Enlil used that knowledge to try and fulfill his plan of totally destroying the human race. He however failed because his son, the “god” Enki, taught Noah how to build a submersible boat as a means of surviving the tremendous worldwide tsunami that was coming. His sister “god”, Ninmah collected a data bank of all the animals and plants on the earth so that they could also be restored after the water receded.

I won’t take the time in this article to touch on “Nibiru”, or “Planet X”, other than to say that even though the existence of a planet like this is considered a conspiracy theory and much effort has been put into steering people away from even researching the existence of this planetary body–at least since the early 1980’s, there are cosmic bodies out in the outer reaches of our Solar System that have not been found. Some may also very well have been located, but not much is known about them. I do believe that the Vatican, which happens to own the most powerful binocular telescope in the world on Mr. Graham, Arizona, has been watching for “Wormwood” for quite some time now.  In fact, it seems that they are watching something incoming, or multiple cosmic bodies headed in the direction of our earth, but not being made public yet. Saying all this just to say that events and specific judgments detailed in the Book of Revelation having to do with what we know as the “Great Tribulation” are about to be unleashed.  What the Bible calls “Wormwood” (which is another name for Nibiru or Planet X) may very well have to do with a planetary body or more likely multiple objects that fulfill the prophetic judgments we find happening during the time of the Great Tribulation which is described in Scripture as the worst time in human history–worse even than the Great Deluge.

Another question asked of Dr. Hardy had to do with falsities taught throughout human history that will have enormous consequences for us all. Here is his answer:

“Here are the most consequential falsities: the distortion of our past history, while obviously the editors of Genesis mused on vastly more ancient texts from Sumer, in order to fit so many past events into the monotheist frame; the blame on Eve and women for a deed that another god staged and which was highly beneficial to humanity at large; and of course the erasing of the feminine from the divine dimension and cosmic consciousness, with the drastic and dire effects on the daily lives of women that, millennia later, we are still grappling with.”

The agenda of the evil one is pretty obvious. Truth must be distorted. The truth of a monotheistic God has been distorted into “many gods.” This is evidenced throughout ancient cultures in the mythologies of most every world empire and nation there has ever been. The lie that the feminine has been removed from the “god” figure is also another twist, so as to allow for female gods, which also provided the fertile soil for much of the debauchery found in the legends of the gods.

These falsities which have been laid at the feet of the patriarchal influence, and of course the Judeo/Christian influence, are apparently also robbing the human race of its sensitivity to the cosmic consciousness which is intended to bring the human race to its eventual state of total enlightenment. So, the question the Serpent asked Eve in the garden, “Did God really say…?” is still being presented to mankind today. The drive by man to rid himself of the control of this “increasingly remote, egomaniac God, who has claimed the position of sole ruler, and a male,  in place of the family of gods”, is also reaching a fever pitch. The New Age movement has announced that the Age of Aquarius is here. According to many New Agers, those of the human race who resist the human race coming into total unity with the enlightenment of this new age, will be culled out and either be “reprogrammed”, or destroyed.

According to this philosophy there will not be an apocalypse, neither has the “good/evil” duality ever really existed.  Here is what Hardy had to say about this:

“This is the crucial question regarding the leap in collective consciousness happening now on Earth. It’s crucial because it’s exactly the way the shadow powers and monotheists religions have tried to format and frame forcefully our minds and psyches: in terms of wars and antinomy. However, the leap means to reach a more global and complex outlook–one able to distinguish the relativity of concepts, especially that of ‘truth’ and ‘good’.

“Interestingly, the historical accounts in Sumerian and Mesopotamian tablets (dated as far back as 3500 BCE and thus predating by 2 or 3 millennia the oldest biblical writings) state clearly that at first there were Lords on Earth who decided to create a hybrid species ‘to their image’ in order to serve them. And indeed the words for ‘worshipping’ both in Sumerian and in Hebrew meant ‘to work for the lords’; in brief: to worship meant to serve the gods in a literal sense…

“We have come, mostly through science and philosophy, (1) to realize the relativity of any truth and good and (2) to move beyond a ‘me versus others,’ either A or non-A, view of the world, that is, beyond a dualistic and schizophrenic outlook so as to welcome the complex and paradoxical nature of reality.

“In this light, the so-called “apocalyptic and final battle between Good and Evil”, always conveniently set in the future, is only the projection, voluntarily fear-inducing, of an obsolete and limiting view of reality. Let’s remember that the goal of an explorer of consciousness in eastern religions has been described in ancient treatises of the Vedanta philosophy as moving beyond duality and reaching a harmonized inner state, able to make us aware of the cosmic consciousness pervading the universe.”

The “everything is relative” philosophy is hard to miss in the above paragraphs quoted by Dr. Hardy. In fact, “religion”, is supposedly partially responsible for the simplistic view of there being a right and wrong, or of good and evil. According to Hardy, the human race must take a leap into a more “global and complex outlook”, beyond the dualistic or schizophrenic outlook it has had for so millennia. According to him, it is time to move beyond “duality” and reach a harmonized inner state, which is able to make us aware of the cosmic consciousness that rules most of the rest of the universe.

It has become unpopular; in fact is becoming an eschewed belief that there are absolutes; that there is wrong and right; that there is only one way for mankind to find the true answers to life and its true meaning. Even world-renowned preachers and evangelists are teaching that it is absurd to think there is only one way to heaven. The absolutes in the Bible are being violently rejected as the narrow-minded views of nothing more than war-mongering religious fanatics.  “Hath God really said…?”

Accordingly, the thought of an ultimate battle between good and evil, an apocalyptic colossus of events, chaos, and eventual cataclysmic conflict like never before in the history of man, is rejected as also nothing more than religious fear-mongering. What a terrible surprise is in store for anyone that dares doubt the Word of the God who controls–not just the events on this Earth, but of all the Universe! It was God who designated a difference between good and evil. It was He who foretold a culmination of events that will bring a final conflict between good and evil. It was also He who has given man a choice of who he chooses to believe, God or the Serpent–”Hath God said?”

The prophet Elijah stood on top of Mount Carmel in the days of the evil King Ahab three millennia ago and made this choice clear to all the people when he said:

“And Elijah went before the people and said, ‘How long will you waver between two opinions. If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.”’ (1 Kings 18:21, NIV)

Ephesians 6:2 puts our choice in these words:

As God’s fellow workers we urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain. For he says, ‘In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.’ I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” (NIV)

In this day when the pure faith in the God who created us, and in His perfect plan, we must hang onto what we know and not let ourselves be swayed by the deceptions that are rampant around the globe today. The Bible speaks to this and in Revelation 2:10-11 reads like this:

“Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth. I am coming soon. Hold onto what you have, so that no one will take your crown.”  (NIV)

The majority of “Christ-followers” today do not know or read the Bible. Most church-goers depend on a short sermon delivered on Sunday mornings for the bulk of their spiritual intake for the week. The Bible reading plan for the day unfortunately usually includes a quick verse or two sometime during the day, maybe during a commercial while we’re watching TV, so that we’ve taken care of our “spiritual obligation” for the day. Our lifestyles have gotten so packed with “stuff” that, even if we do open our Bibles, we can’t focus long enough to read through a short passage without our minds wandering onto other things. This lack of “intimacy” with our KING will not carry us through–especially when the hard times come. We also won’t have the ability or knowledge to overcome the delusions when they are presented to us. We must walk in intimacy with our God! This takes time, and it takes a radical adjustment of our priorities–or we will fall! There is a verse that I would like to challenge you with. It is found in Jeremiah 30:21b:

“I will bring him near and he will come close to me, for who is he who will devote himself to be close to me?(NIV)

To Be Continued In Part 8


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